Don't Panic


So things sincerely feel like they have gone all the way to hell and I can’t even get on social media to chat with anyone because my feed is full of all sorts of hate.

I had SO MANY posts planned for this new start and making this blog with a point and purpose–even if that purpose is vapid as I am sure some people feel. Makeup and scent and clothing for fat chicks seems kind of nothing in comparison to other things going on, but those are things I am good at and that make me happy.

So, this blog is going to get redone and will have some content some time in the future, but right now I am snuggling my dog and sniffing my bpal imp box like a junkie looking for a high because god damn does the mingling of fragrance remind me of churches I spent my childhood in and wow, were those days not so much fucking easier?

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