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It is THAT time of year!!!

It is the most important time of year because it is the time of the SEPHORA VIB SALES!!! Last weekend was rouge and this weekend will be regular tier.

Now I am in my project pan/low buy state of mind, it is actually super interesting to watch all these beauty channels on Youtube where people are grabbing the $99 makeup palettes and the $399 hairdryer that makes me shake my head and go “but WHY”? It is very intriguing because now it seems like they are wasting the sale.

You guys know I love me some paint and I routinely do my best to look like the cheapest street walker on the corner or the drag queen at the end of her set and the end of bottle of whiskey, so I do appreciate wanting to grab that pretty pretty thing you have had your eyes on for months!  However.  There are so many vloggers going on and on about “this will look so nice on my vanity!” and other just WEIRD reasons for wanting a $30+ object.

Listen, I USE my vanity.  I need space for me to have my coffee cup and my skin care along with whatever I am putting on my face that day.  The only stuff that lives up there all the time are my brushes, skin care, and hair whatnots along with my makeup skull.  I am not displaying the PACKAGING my eye shadow came in.  I have actual decorations to display!  Makeup skull does not want to share his stage with a Too Faced box that looks like a house.

My approach to this year’s sale was: what do I need?  I have mainly moved away from the shop as my go to for make up and skin care, but some people are ride or die.  If you have a cleanser, toner, face mask, foundation, etc. that you use EVERY DAY and tend to use up (hit the bottom of the bottle, pan, WHATEVER) NOW is the time to buy it!  Buy two!  You know how long things last you and you also know that the sale in the beginning of the year has a lower percentage off.  Get a years worth of something!  I got three Urban Decay eye primer potions because I use it every damn day.  That is a year’s worth of my shadow staying on my eyeball and anywhere else I want to put it.

And please, understand, I am not talking about the vloggers who clearly make money from their channels.  Makeup is their JOB.  Get it and buy it all.  However, the idea is filtering down to small vloggers and friends of mine who may or may not have that money to blow.  If you, like me, have more than three eye shadow palettes than you probably don’t need three more.  Also, the holiday palettes are NOTORIOUS for being a lower quality than the rest of the brand as a whole.

Vamp Beauty on Youtube broke it down really well, and I agree with 90% of her points.  I am linking the video below but, in a nutshell, hit your essentials, then your loves, THEN your magpie ooo that is shiny desires.

I know it is the traditional gifting holidays coming up and we are about to be plunged into the hell of the perpetual “sale”, but please try to resist the urge to hand yourself over to the gods of the mall.  I did it for years and have the credit score to prove it, and it never actually made my life better.  Make a list, evaluate your options, and don’t just do a thing because “Jaclyn Hill said…”  I have heard that sentence in about 8 videos now.

Treat yourself, but don’t bury yourself my friends.


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