Don't Panic

This year, man…

This year has been a biiiiitch for me! I know it has not been kind to a lot of other humans either. Every day a new something is coming up in the news. A new wrinkle in the rubber sheet of the world.

Personally, I have found out what a true toxic relationship looks like (an outsiders perspective anyway), busted my knee rather spectacularly (severed ACL and torn meniscus), and have just been rolling in the debt. So much debt.

I have also started my own “Project Pan” attack on my huge collection of makeup and such and it has made a huge dent on my goo hoarding (shampoos, body wash, etc.) and useless spending. Does anyone else BUY things when money is tight??? Just me? Just me being a daft moron? Okay.

Anyway, fresh start time. Many of my little fresh starts and habits have started to really take hold, so I am moving on to here. I really do need a random little outlet for crap in my brain and this has always been a good place for that.

So, new boyfriends, new dog, rebuilt me, new habits… Here we go!

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