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Want that hourglass shape?

I spent a year or so corseting full time (with the exception of sleeping) and deeply enjoyed it.  While I enjoyed the aesthetics very much (the exaggerated hourglass shape it created and the lift to the tits), I found more benefits as well.  It helped with my back pain.  It was like a thunder shirt (those vests they sell for dogs who are scared of loud noises) and it seemed to help sooth my nerves and I took less medication.  I sat straighter.

This past 9 months I was not corseting with the exception of a few instances where they decorated dresses for events.  See, I started fainting.  I have never done well in the heat and the Kansas City area is just terrible around the summer.  Hot and humid–it is work to just breath!  I figured my fainting was just random times when I was outside and went from there.  Until I could not breath while riding in a car.  I could not find my voice to respond to the Beast as he asked, then shouted, if I was okay before driving to hospital.  I was aware but there was this bonging sound that got in the way of everything.  I could only sort of see things and could focus on nothing.  I was corseted and when he got me out of the car, I fell in a way that caused the garment to cut me (it was an older one and the sudden and unnatural movement caused a bone to pop).  So I stopped wearing corsets.

A lot of money and hospital visits have passed from that day to now.  I have been told I am having vasovagel episodes without any known syncope.  Which sounds fancy, but just means I fall over for no bloody reason.  Drink more water, eat more salt, and try to not drive.  I am having my records transferred to a new doctor and he is going to take a fresh look at the data.  I am not having heart problems.  I am not having seizures.  It is just sudden drops in blood pressure.

The weather is cooler now.  It has been a little under a month since my last episode.  I want my thunder shirt back.

So, while the doctor takes a look, I am going to start corseting again.  The ones I were seeing do not feel the garments had anything to do with the episodes (in fact, when wearing a compression sort of garment, my blood pressure rises slightly) and just sighted the normal warnings to not tightlace.

In addition to diet and exercise, my corsets will once again help me be the shape I wish to be.  Wish me luck with my fainting adventures and welcome be back to legion of ladies who dress like yesteryear.  (Fun fact, my uncle gets teary eyed when he hugs me.  Feeling my corsets under my clothes reminds him of his mother and grandmothers.  He loves it.)

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