Self Care: Face Mask Edition

Lately I have been really focusing on the self care in my world.   My agoraphobia has been acting up and I have been having a fuck of a time just being a human.  So, I have been trying to take really good care of myself and just pump myself up for interacting with other people.  I am talking about being really specific with my skincare and makeup as well as just booking dates with my friends to get out of the house and interact.

I was part of Beauteque’s mask maven club for about three months about 9 months ago and wound up with a whole TON of masks that I did not feel comfortable using right away.  I was in the middle of the big move out of my ex-husband’s house and bouncing from place to place, so 20-30 minutes to veg with a mask on my face and an audio book in my ears was not really in the cards.  Vegging was not happening.

Last night, I organized the FUCK out of my makeup area and discovered all of my precious goodies I had shoved into a bag and semi-forgot about.  Now they, and every other type of facial care, live in the “face care” drawer and are neat and organized and look like packets of candy just waiting to be consumed!!  I pulled one out at random and it turned out to be the Hanaka White Pearl mask!


This mask was absolutely DRIPPING with essence.  I believe you probably could have shoved a few cotton rounds in and gotten enough for a quick fix a second time around.  I should probably have thought of that sooner and did it.  Instead, I rubbed it all over my boyfriend’s (The Beast) face while he looked at me with a pained expression.  His skin is now 1000% better cared for this year than in any of his previous 47 years.

I popped the mask on, fiddled with situating it (my face does not truly line up with the openings…does anyones?), started up audible, put on headphones, and then fell asleep for about two hours.  The Beast was kind enough to poke me when he got into bed so I could plug in my phone.  I pulled off the mask and while slightly damp, it was no where NEAR the wet level that it had been at when I put it on.  There was also not a lot of tackiness on my face.  I sleep on my side and did not notice any “ew” sensation when putting my cheek onto my pillow.  This makes me happy, as some masks I have had in years before have left a definite residue that you need to wash off.  This morning, my face felt plump and smooth.

I tend to go for the masks that claim whitening and brightening because I do value my pale and fairly even skin tone.  I have a spray of freckles I don’t hate but, other than that, my skin is fairly good.  I started taking care of it around 10 per my Mother’s teachings, and have really been reaping the non-wrinkly benefits (being fat is a bonus too, as plumper faces wrinkly slower).

This mask also contains royal jelly and Q10 for firmness and elasticity.

I really think it gave my skin a great midweek jolt of moisture and hope that the brightening things pay off!  It also had a lovely scent.  It was a bit floral but very subtle.  It was a smell you stopped noticing after a few minutes.

Overall, A.  I would totally purchase this again!

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