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Super Freak


Let us take a moment to enjoy Rick James’ hair.

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I am not shy about lots and lots of things.  One of which is I am a kinky bitch.  I like rope, needles, blood, riding crops, hair brush spankins, and all kinds of other such things.  I saw the Irvin Klaw photos of Betty Page and was all “I could do that.”  And I can–from both sides of the equation.

I seem to be strange in the fact that I don’t see myself inhabiting a “different world”.  I inhabit Earth.  Specifically, the USA.  More specifically, Missouri.  Even more specifically, a house I have named the Hovel and/or Tanuki Towers West.  There is no “witch” world, “vanilla” world, and “kink” world.  There are times when I do things that are witchy, vanilla-y (which I sort of find really offensive actually and should write about later), and kinky.  I am still me.

There seems to be a trend lately that is getting out of hand with some of my acquaintance.  They go out with their sub/bottom/slave/flavour of the month and get all wound up when a stranger does not follow their current protocol.  I am not talking fetish events–I am talking public bars and what not.  A dude/ette at the bar is not going to know they have to ask someone if they can speak to another human being.  This is because people have a right to speak for themselves in the grand scheme of things.  The days when it was unseemly to speak to an unattended looking woman are kind of past (in this country, at least).

An acquaintance almost got into a full blown bar fight over another man DARING to teach his girl how to play pool.  I am sure everyone is familiar with how to teach pool to someone.  Generally, a bit of stance correcting and such occurs.  I have rarely had a man take advantage of this if it was genuine offer to teach me the game of pool.  When I have, I have spoken loudly and declined further teaching.  Like you do.

Now, I was not at the bar because this particular group seems to be full of the type of person I am describing and I don’t find it necessary to be around that.  Perhaps this man was not in the first group of “just teaching you how to play pool” people and was in the second.  Perhaps whatever touching was going on was not the helpful sort.  What I know is the girl in question did not say a word.  My acquaintance did because the man touched her once; then he touched her again (after explaining he was taken and his lady was over yonder) and my acquaintance became incensed.

In my opinion, and going off the information described, my acquaintance was expecting this man to obey his rules against touching his property without acknowledging that the rest of the world does not work this way.  He was speaking for a woman who did not say a word herself and looks quite capable of doing so (being a grown ass adult).  In my opinion, HE was in the wrong and not the man at the bar.

Look, I don’t care what kind of relationship you have.  When you are in a public place of business, you play by those rules.  It is not infringing on you–it is being polite to the rest of society who does not want involvement in your type of kink.  It is wrong to expect strangers to follow your rules (above and beyond what is societal norm) because that is basically forcing non-consenting human beings into playing in your game.  To get so wound that you would consider VIOLENCE a good answer to a particular “offense” is going quite a bit too far.

If you don’t want other people interacting with your property, and the other human is cool with being your complete property, then get them a stay at home job and only bring them to events where your relationship has a better feel of the ever fluid “normality”.  If you decide against that, be graceful in acknowledging that YOU are the one outside of this atmosphere’s normality and should now play by the rules and niceties employed thereof.

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5 thoughts on “Super Freak

  1. YES. I’ve never heard of this specific problem before as I’m not involved any kink communities, but what you say makes a LOT of sense, and works for all kinds of cultural and subcultural differences and boundaries that need to be respected. Another example would be religion; if you are a Christian, you wouldn’t go to a Jewish temple, expect the service to be about Jesus, and then get upset and disrupt the service when it wasn’t. As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

    • Excellent point, Lucretia!!! It is exactly like your example. Acting properly and with respect to the area you are in is the idea. I did not think about that while posting (as I was, frankly, sort of annoyed) but now you say it, there is obvious correlation! Thank you!

    • Excellent point, Lucretia!!! It is exactly like your example. Acting properly and with respect to the area you are in is the idea. I did not think about that while posting (as I was, frankly, sort of annoyed) but now you say it, there is obvious correlation! Thank you!

      • Great minds think alike! 😉 And I don’t blame you for being annoyed by that incident, I would have been seething.

        BTW, I most certainly DID enjoy Rick James’s hair AND the song. One of my favorites from back in The Day!

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