Exceedingly Awesome Lemonade


Let us take a break from all the feelings I have been having (Oh, Gods, yes lets!!!) and look at this awesome thing my friend A taught me.

I have always loved lemonade.  Like, real lemonade.  First time I went to a friend’s house and their mom tried to give me Country Time I reacted with (carefully concealed) shock.  What was this horridly sweet and oddly coloured STUFF?  I had one glass and then asked for water*.

So, when A asked if I wanted some lemonade, I was a wee bit sceptical.  She was making it, so I snuck into the kitchen and proceeded to have my mind BLOWN.  I then drank the lemonade quite happily (and with an additional 4th ingredient we both decided was quite fine towards the end of the night).


  1. Honey (local if possible)
  2. Lemon juice (actual lemons or I cheat and use bottled)
  3. Water

Pour around 12 ounces of honey into drink container (half a good sized container).  Add enough hot water to container to make a thin honey/water solution.  Add about 2 cups of lemon.  Water to taste.  Drink and get happy.

The honey supposedly will help with allergies if it is local, so bonus!  I had honestly never thought to make lemonade with honey.  It was white sugar or nothing.  The semi floral taste the honey adds is totally awesome, even if the allergy thing is not true.

The optional and COMPLETELY BANANAS 4th ingredient is Cruzan Citrus Rum.  There may have been giggly dancing towards the end of the night.

One warning, if you do cheat and use the bottle lemon like I do, it is a bit more acidic.  I deal with it unless lemons are on special.  I don’t mind the work–I mind the price.  😉


*Okay, so there is a small story about me and water and why it was so weird for me to ask for any as a kid.  I grew up in Germany for the earliest years of my life and we had all been warned A: don’t drink the milk as Chernobyl just irradiated a shit-ton of cows and nothing was labeled as well as it is today and B: Don’t drink the water because the pipes make it poison.  We lived in this incredibly old apartment off base and a whole lot of it was pretty unsafe for a growing child.  Due to the water/pipes issue, I grew up drinking a lot of drinks made from boiled water and soda.  I still share my Mum’s undying love for a good diet coke–warm.  No ice, no fridge, no nothing!  Just warm, sparkly, may give cancer to lab rats diet coke.  It took me years AND an antidepressant that gave me dry mouth to get me to start drinking water.  My skin got instantly more awesome.

One thought on “Exceedingly Awesome Lemonade

  1. I use that same recipe but since it’s usually cold up here, I boil the water first. It’s funny I never thought to use honey when I make cold lemonade – for that I still use sugar. I’ll have to try it this year with the citrus rum … if summer ever arrives … damned snow! 🙂

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