Grace in Small Things

Oh So 90’s!

“Wanna get some coffee?”

Such a simple text and yet such a delightful prospect!!  It is not a planned “Every Second Thursday Ye Shall Meet In the Lee’s Summit Starbucks!” but just a “hey, do you have time to chat for an hour or so?” and I love it.  My friend S and I have gotten together a few times like this and it is just such a lovely release from the day to day.  I am starting to live for the free time in which she or I send that little message.

Last night I went home and had dinner with Sacco before deciding to leave just a wee bit early.  I figured I would sit there and just have some quiet “me” time, with a book.  How 90’s!  Sitting in a coffee shop!  Alone!

I realize that people do that still, but something in me just makes me think back to when we first moved to the states and coffee shops were sprouting everywhere like mushrooms.  I wish more of the smaller ones still survived–I would much rather hang out in a Mom and Pop than a Corporate Giant, but “if wishes were horses…” yadda yadda.

On a whim, I went to my office and grabbed my letters.  I have SO many letters from my pen friends that need a solid chunk of time to sit and read and appreciate and answer.  I have fallen behind and, in falling, became overwhelmed with the sheer scope of my failing.  It stopped being a stack of fun lovely things to do and just became an illustration of failure in my mind.  What a horrible way to think of a friend’s letters!!!

So, as I waited for S to be put her kiddo to bed and come get as debauched as you can get in a coffee shop on a weeknight, I read all the lovely letters and started writing back.  Started fresh for some and giggled madly as I pictured what I would follow up with for others!  Natalie, over at Gothy Two Shoes gave me the straight up giggle fits!   Seriously, people were staring.  It was awesome.

I am clawing my way out of the view of “this is how I fail and suck” and forcing myself more toward “I screwed this up, but we can fix it.”  And it is simply wonderful.

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