Bat Fit!

Goals and Intentions

Bat Fit 2014Goals:

  • I WILL make more time in my life to nurture my relationships with friends, family, and Sacco.
  • I WILL move about and treat my body as a part of me, rather than as an enemy to fight.
  • I WILL utilize my kitchen skills to cook nourishing food for Sacco and I.
  • I WILL rekindle and nurture my spiritual practice.
  • I WILL continue to sew and knit, with an eye toward improving with every project.
  • I WILL make meditation a daily part of my life.
  • I WILL not indulge in negative body talk, think, or action.


  • I will be upfront and honest in all my dealings.  I will not hide facts or keep things secret for fear of hurting the feelings of a stranger.
  • I will ask for and accept guidance from my family when things get rocky and not shoulder the burden alone to the point of break.
  • I will continue to follow Dr. Head’s guidance and not “DIY” my mental health.
  • I will try to accept change and challenge gracefully and with minimal ill thoughts and wishes.

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