Bat Fit!


I realize that it is TECHNICALLY 2014 these days, but I am chronically late in doing anything for myself, and the Professor did give us this challenge in 2013.  I am posting my final Bat Fit entry for 2013 and THEN kicking off with the challenge for the new year in the next post tonight.  Because, I need to take some time for me.  And this is my time, my space, and–dammit I am taking this stand!

Bat Fit 2013So let us do a brief (thankfully) assessment of how 2013 went.  Honestly, the beginning was lovely from what I can remember.  I have an excellent set of doctors and my Psychiatrist (Dr. Head henceforth) has been brilliant.  Dr. Head has really been a support pillar of this year.  We found some lovely pills and lovely brain exercises that have so far been turning me into a functioning member of society.

Around the middle of the year things did fall apart for various reasons both huge to me and dreadfully dreary to you.  I won’t bore you to tears with them, but I stopped making myself any sort of priority.  I started letting things slip and not doing ANY exercises (brain or otherwise) and it has hit me with force this past December.  It was funny actually…I fully realized how badly I had let things get at a Christmas dinner.   I was sitting there, enjoying my new friend and her friends and the atmosphere that they had created when I realized how hollow I was really feeling.  I could just FEEL the random joys and other energies flooding at me and realized I had, if not nothing, not what I SHOULD have to give back.  I didn’t have the joy to give back to my friend and these new individuals who were warm and welcoming.  I didn’t have the sparks to kindle anything other than superficial chatter.

I am not completely empty, however.  That same evening, I found the dregs of me when my friend and I started discussing her book collection and found out that we both truly love this under-loved and sometimes forgotten book.  This seemingly small thing gave me some sort of hope that I AM still in here somewhere.  I can get what has fallen apart back together again.

The roller coaster of ill health and such has stopped it’s ride for the moment and Sacco and I are ready to get off and try a new ride.  So, we have decided that this year we will BOTH be doing Bat Fit.  Only he is calling it Muppet Fit because his spirit guide is Animal.  As such, we have goals together this year.

Bat Fit Goals for 2014

  • Move more.  Dance, hike, walk the dogs.  Drive less and walk around.  My body has been poking at me (car accident injuries are great lingering reminders for years, I have found) and Sacco is unhappy with his Pepsi pony-keg.  My muscles and joints need some strength and this will be a goal.  Strength training will become a more important focus, for me at least.
  • More fruit and vegetables in the diet.  Sacco is unhappy with this step, but even he has admitted he needs a vegetable or two in his life.  I believe our GP has had a hand in that decision.  😉  This year we fell into an eating for convenience cycle and eating for comfort and that is going to lessen.
  • Less booze for this Lady!  Sacco does not drink but I do.  I tracked my intake for an experiment earlier and let’s just say it was enlightening.  No wonder I was knocking off at about 8 pm!  We are going to limit it to twice a week.
  • Eat out less at work and make breakfast daily at home for work.  This is a money pit and is damaging the financial stability of the Hovel.  It also goes back to the convenience food issue.  I feel gross after I eat a McBreakfast anyway.
  • Again, me specific, I will be very conscious of restarting my spiritual practice.  I have felt very fuzzy and non-centered and need a good Circle to feel better I think.  I will start with daily devotional meditation and work on from there.


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