Grace in Small Things

Thanks and Such

Cross posted from Facebook because ALL THE FEELINGS!


My pardon if I get a little too religious this month for some of you on my feed. This time is very special to me and I have been on an internet diet, so you may see a surge of activity. I am nesting to prepare the Hovel for the coming dark of Winter and welcome the start of the new growth cycles of the world. Some may laugh, but I never feel as alive as I do around Obon and Halloween. These days are the holiest of times for me, even if I do celebrate them quietly and without much fanfair.

It has been an introspective month or so for me. I have done a lot in a short time. I have gone and met new people (by myself!) and I have taken a few classes on body issues and healing. I have worked a lot with my therapist and have made some challenging discoveries. Work has been intense. Instead of breaking like I would have months ago, I have just continued. I have had rough times and I sincerely thank my family and friends who have helped me stand again when I have reached out–also a thing I am not used to doing. I have come to terms that certain parts of me will never fully slumber, and I have seeked solace in circles that welcome them.

I can only hope that this momentum continues. Every phone call, text, blog comment, and tweet has meant the world to me. Right now, I love you all. Later, I may fall out with some of you, but right now that does not mean a thing. Special mention to Okasama, Otosama, Nezumisan, and Maggie, as they were on the receiving end of so much emotional vomit I think they all need medals.

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