DIY Is Not for Everyone

The briefest of rants:

Do you know what your doing? Seriously.  Do you? If you dont, STOP IT.

Sacco and I have had the hovel for a little over a year and my most common joke is : my house is having a midlife crisis. As I speak, it smells of a thousand asses and has a three by three foot hole in the floor of the master loo. 

What started as a simple wax seal replacement for the toilet has led to a full scale floor replacement.  The previous owner has, from what we can tell, had a leaky toilet and did the worst thing ever…he fucking ignored it. He slapped wax ring after wax ring down and let the floor rot.  Both plumber and Sacco (who built houses in a previous life) say there is clear evidence based on wax colour and build up.

He is having flash backs to his twenties and I am having a nervous breakdown.

Call a pro if your out of your depth guys and gals.  PLEASE.

8 thoughts on “DIY Is Not for Everyone

    • Thank you! I hope so, too. Sacco is swearing that it won’t and I am just concentrating on what I can. It sucks because my office is in the basement where the smell is the worst! I have to do everything from my tablet or at work!

  1. Your powers of description are awesome … I can actually smell those thousand asses.

    You could look at it in the “glass half full” way that the rotting floor didn’t give way when you were sitting on the loo. I think that’s a positive, right? :o)

    • Yes! No one was injured! The support beams are not rotted; they won’t need fixing. Also, I have an escape hatch if rabid wolverines attack through the bedroom windows. Like batman’s pole, but smelly.

      I was really low when I posted, but I am brighter about it now. Thank you, Lynne. 🙂 Stuff happens and we just gotta keep moving and laugh at other people’s cluelessness.

      Also, thank you for that! I cast around for a way to describe it and that was the best I could think of.

      • Well, shit.

        Termites!! Fucking termites!! Sfdhfaiooaekwkqwrfnvmv;zxlkWkp, how can you be dealing with termites! Oh the utter agony of that! “Hi, we are just sneaky little bastards who are going to quietly eat your house out from under you! Hope your good with that! Kthanxbai!”


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