the HAES® files: It’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week

the HAES® files: It’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week.

So, I had no idea this was a thing.  Twitter, you are an amazing hive mind of discovering things.

I am currently taking a class and working on a Bat Fit posting that will be inclusive of the ideas of HAES, will totally talk up this post on XOJane by Emily Mccombs and my own reasons why I feel Jillian Michaels is a hag (and NOT the good kind), and will basically be all about fitness and health in it.

Also, it is my FAVORITE time of the year now!  Fall has fallen, pumpkins are more available, and I can go ge decorations for the Hovel (because stores don’t sell skeletons all year long no matter how you beg).  So, I will wrestle the nice camera from Sacco and put up some pictures of house and cooking and projects and such.

Sacco also broke himself and had to go get an MRI this past weekend.  His knee is all wonky and we are awaiting the results.  Plus: he will be easier to wrestle.  Minus: doctor bills, hiss.  *I* am the expensive doctor goer in this relationship, Sir!  It would behoove him to remember such in the future!

5 thoughts on “the HAES® files: It’s Weight Stigma Awareness Week

    • Even better than a furry baby–he’s the husband! Torn meniscus in his knee. He is going to get surgery. Waiting on the doctor’s to schedule it now; just found out yesterday. I guess the surgery is minor, but still…. Erg. Surgery. 😦

  1. I love Halloween too 😀 I wish we’d be in Japan for Halloween, love the decos in there. But no can do :[
    Weight Stigma awareness week is an awesome think. I know so many lovely ladies who suffer of negative body image and eating issues. I used to be one of those too, for a long time.


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