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I just Skype interviewed my third (in my life) interviewee ever.  She seemed delightful, said all the right things, and even researched my company.  I will not lie, that last one?  Totally jockeyed her into the #1 position for me.  Research the company you are interviewing with and ask questions, kids.  It shows forethought and planning.  Totally awesome and easy to do.

Boss-Hog has the one he put in #1 coming by again today for second interview with me, so we shall see about her.

It is hard, in my section of the company at least, to try to find a good fit.  You want someone with some accounting skills, but you also want someone who knows the particular business we are in.  It can be a beast and odd and you will find yourself questioning humanity at odd times, but oh–the stories you get out of it!

It has also been odd these past few months to do these sorts of activities.  I am a middle-cheese and, while I want to strut my work know-how, I don’t want to come off as the Bitch Who Tries Too Hard.  I just want to leave it at the Bitch In Accounting.  I defend that title madly whenever necessary.  So, balancing the right level of authority, silencing the demons screaming “You have no right to think you know what you are doing!” and attempting to look good while at it is still a shaky path to walk.  I need a confidence mushroom, cookie, one-up–something.

SO!  Meeting in 10, second interview after that, and then Boss-Hog and I shall put our noggins together and argue the plusses and minuses of each candidate.  Should be a good time!  I hope whoever we choose will be awesome and learn well.  Not fast (although if it is fast then GREAT!), but well.


Just interviewed Boss-Hogg’s favorite.  OH GOD I AM TORN!   Balls.

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