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Liebster Award

Forever ago, and after doing some scrolling on the dear Lady’s site, I can truly say FOREVER ago, Ms. Misanthropia was incredibly kind and nominated me for the Liebster award.  She always shows up and has something to say (especially when I am feeling my worst which is very comforting!) and I appreciate the honor!

I kept meaning to write this and trying to write this, but stuff and things happened and only are just now settling.  Work has been a particular trouble and there is not much time for fun when you leave the house at 7 and get home at 8 or 9.  I have spent a lot of weekends snoozing under a pile of dogs and not moving much at all.  Good times.

SO, without further ado:liebster2

According to the rules, I get to answer 11 questions, nominate some other amazing blogs, give them 11 questions, let them know I love them and nominated them (except Ms. Misanthropia who I cannot tag back), and display the award.  So, on to the questions!

  1. How would you describe your home decorating style?  The best word would be “eclectic”.  I am not allowed full reign, so eccentric does not quite apply to this home as it did to my bachlorette pads.  We have my skull collection nestled among family photos and art that I have bought from internet people on the walls next to a shadowbox of Sacco’s Eagle Scott paraphernalia and a poster from his Up With People days when he used to prance about and learned to love all things design and lighting.  We are also fairly practical in the furniture department.  As much as I would love to have some nice antique velvet sofas, the hounds would rip them to shreds in their daily mountain goat like adventures.  Together we love all shades of purple, so that is the colour you generally find on walls.  So Purple Goth with Black Hounds meets Eagle Scout with a taste for Younger Women.
  2. What is the original color of your hair and eyes?  Brown and brown.  Red highlights in my natural hair.  I dye it black just to match my dogs.
  3. What are your two favorite colours?  Black and purple.
  4. Do you have any pets?  I have two schipperke dogs.  One is a pygmy (7 pounds and 6 inches of angry doom!) and one is just a runt.  Specka is the pygmy and is the eldest at 8 and Ele is the runt and is just over a year old.  Schipperkes were bred originally in Belgium to be vermin hunters on boats, and generally run between 15-30 pounds dependent on frame in the US (your mileage may vary dependent on country).  Unfortunately, due to the draconian AKC, the only true Schipperke is a black Schipperke.  Other countries have them in other colours.  My mother shows her Schips at both regular dog shows and agility shows and has multiple ribbons for her little black demon dogs!  We are very proud of our little group of furballs, and I love seeing Ele’s mannerisms and knowing which are from her mother and which are from her father.  In addition, Specka is also my service animal.  She was trained as a care companion by her breeder just for me after I was diagnosed with PTSD (see Animal Assisted Therapy).  Fun fact: her breeder is also one of the Southern US’s biggest trainers of Cadaver Dogs.  Apparently Schipperke dogs are very good for that and she spent quite some time with her group in New Orleans after Katrina.
  5. What are some stereotypes of your country and it’s people?  Do you identify with them?  There are two that bother me the most.  One is the “ugly American”.  The tourist who expects other countries to cater to them when they visit, rather than learn the culture and appreciate the beauty of different.  My parents were painfully aware of this, in no small part due to the fact that we did not live in the States until I was 16!  My father refused to let his children be raised in a bubble.  I was fluent in conversational Japanese and did not fit the stereotype of “base kid” at all.  In fact, I thought the other kids were missing out not traveling to a ton of little villages and fishing off piers or visiting shrines.  The other stereotype is that all Americans are fat.  Speaking as a fat American woman, I know lots of women who are NOT fat here.  I also met lots of women in Germany who were totally shopping at the Hefty Hideaway with Mum and I.  Given my limited experience of Japan, Italy, and Germany (the three countries I grew up in) I believe that anyone in the human race can be fat.  Be it genes, depression, or your own beauty ideal–fat can be you if you so desire AND are not predisposed to still be skinny.  If you’re an ectomorph, then you will always be an ectomorph.  I will balance you out with my endomorph self over here.
  6. Do you have any siblings?  I have a little brother.  Everything was amazing and then he scotched the party when I was 3 and a half.  I still have not forgiven him.
  7. What prompted you to start blogging?  I have never been good at telling people things to their face.  I CAN however write pretty freely.  In fact, I often write letters for my psychiatrist and use them like talking points while I am there.  In addition to being a very nice space to speak my mind is as little or as much anonymity as I desire, I feel I have met a damn fine group of people this way.  Especially speaking from a sub-cultural point of view.  Goth’s are awesome, but the majority of us don’t live in the cool places with “our” bars and “our” people.  Now we blog hop and get full of envy of those who CAN go out freely and share ideas and outfits and even form support groups ::cough::BatFit::cough::.
  8. Which three personality traits do you like most about yourself?  I am loyal.  I am a very good listener.  I also have a very tricky filter, which sometimes gets me in trouble (mouth is writing checks my body can’t cash!), but mostly just let’s me tell people exactly what I think with no sugar coating.  I don’t like sugar coating.  I am up front and want you to be with me.
  9. What vintage era do you find the most interesting, style wise?  Can we call the 80’s vintage?  It was the perfect blend of the end of the polyester leisure suit, fishnet, and neon.  So many subcultures rammed into each other in that decade–it is amazing.
  10. What is your view of feminism and gender equality?  How sad is it that we are still worrying about this?  Change takes time, but DAMN!  It has been some time!  I do feel that the current feminist wave is starting (staying?) a little too exclusive of people of color.  Sometimes it seems like the voices are heaviest for WHITE women only, and that shit has to stop.  Also, I am all for gender.  Any gender.  Every gender.  Genders should all be equal.  Cis, trans, EVERYTHING.
  11. Do you have any religious beliefs?  I believe in Gods and Goddesses; nature spirits and house kami; and I believe the divine is in every living thing.


I nominate:

  • Lara Lizard  She has a dinosaur as a pet and some fancy ass style!  She is a great deal of fun!
  • Tomboy Urbex  I love urbex!!  This site has amazing photos and you get to go along into some lovely ruins.
  • My Big Fat Blog  Lots of fun fashion and femmy things here!
  • Shybiker  Another fashion offering!  Also, motor bikes and other fun things!
  • Not Blue At All  A slice of her life kind of blog.
  • Sort Life Out, Buy Milk  Another life and fashion blog.  She has lovely hair.
  • Megan Mae  She does fun things to clothes!

I nominated none of my Gothy friends, but most of you already know them!

I also am hijacking Ms. Misanthropia questions.  I like them.  Noooow….GO!

8 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. When I was one and a half, my mother told me that I was going to get a little brother. “I don’t want a brother. I want a puppy.”

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