Boob Tube

Dear Daily Mail…Sincerely, Amanda Palmer.

Until I can get my act together, please enjoy this video of Amanda Palmer being, well, Amanda Palmer.  Those reasons why so many hate her are why I love her.  She is brash, brazen, and beautiful to behold.  Love from one brazen hussy to another, Amanda.  XOXOX

2 thoughts on “Dear Daily Mail…Sincerely, Amanda Palmer.

  1. I have never heard of Amanda Palmer, but I already love her. It is fucking sad, how media does focus constantly on women’s bodies instead of their talents or accomplishments.

    • Her music is very nice if you like cabaret style! If you do, I could send you a mix to see if you want to purchase her things. She is very polarizing. Some people really hate her, but her hardcore fans are rabid! She has one song that I play often when I think about hurting myself. It is calming to me.

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