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Wow, is it just me or has wordpress updated itself while I was out?  My tool bar is in “grandma’s remote” size font.

Housekeeping the hugest and most important:

Lot’s of you may know I am part of the Bat-Fit group on the Book of Face.  What started as one dark darling’s quest to get rid of 40 pounds by 40, turned into a whole Bathaus full of broody broads seeking to become a little less…well, broad.  We then hijacked it FURTHER to be a wellness group rather than just a losing pounds/inches group.  Dealing with demons?  Check!  We got your support right there.  Losing some weight for ::insert reason here::?  Support corner that way.  Just wanting to make what you got work better?  We have you there, too.  My journey of wellness has taken me (over the past year and a bit!) through almost every stage and has led me to HAES and  Body Love/Acceptance.  For this reason, before I do anything else, I want to bring your attention to this:



The Body Love conference is brought to us by Jess of the Militant Baker and can be summed up in one great sentence from her campaign site: “It is my belief that every woman deserves the opportunity to learn to love herself just the way she is; to internalize that beauty as all inclusive.”

One of the biggest factors that garners my support is well written in the following paragraph.

As women we see over 200 negative body image advertisements on television per day. This is a direct extension of a historical marketing scheme that was created to encourage women to purchase perfection. While this earns the weight loss industry billions of dollars every year, it comes at an extremely high cost to the rest of us. This marketing scheme is a large contributor towards major social ills we have today, including: depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, poor relationship skills, suicide attempts and more.”

This is not about fat women.  This is not about thin women.  This is about ALL women.  Women of size, colour, differently gendered; the whole schmear.

So, regular navel gazing and award accepting (BIG hugs and Kisses to Ms. Misantropia for my lovely award and for still chatting with us even when it is easier not to) in later entries.  For now, I urge you to love your body.  Feed it, nurture it, move it, LOVE it.  Change what you can to make YOU work and accept that some things you never can change.  I will never lose some LOVELY (not!) mental issues, but I can work with them.  I will never get my multi-generational meaty thighs to have a true oft-wished for thigh-gap, but I can make them stronger.

Let’s get this ball rolling!

4 thoughts on “Housekeeping!

  1. I have started to react to those negative images with the thought “What if this was an image telling MEN how to look/be?” There would be nothing left of them, they would all be sniveling piles of insecurities within a few weeks! It’s a game of survival, being a woman – even in the western world.

  2. Thigh gap – wow, it’s been years since I’ve seen one of those. I mean on me. Not that I miss it, really. I think I’d miss my beer and Cheetos more. And my ice cream. Damn. I think I need to make a quick trip to 7-11 now.

    Maybe I’ll lose some weight when we move to the country where there is no 7-11. LOL, not likely – I’ve already introduced myself to the owner of the General Store. And although he doesn’t sell Cheetos at the moment, I’m going to casually suggest he could probably retire a few years earlier if he were to start carrying them.

    I think the most interesting people in the world are, almost without fail, the ones without the “perfect” bodies and the “normal” minds. :o)

    • I think your new manse will be bloody brilliant!

      I can not live without beer. I love beer. All kinds of beer. Cheetos, while not generally a thing with me, are welcome for those moments when I need that cheesy poofy crunch, and I need it yesterday, dammit!!!

      I miss general stores and country living. I am attempting to make the Boy move to Alberta and work in oil, but words like “work visa”, “why”, and “fucked up knees” start babbling out of his mouth and then I just go look at pretty pictures online some more.

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