Dots, dots, dots…




Good Morning Lads and Lasses!

I am notorious for being terrible at “x of the y” posts.  I work alot, I sleep alot, I rarely have anyone to take a decent photo of me, and (outside of business) I am just generally unreliable.

Things get in the way, you see?  Worked too late on date night; things got in the way, darling.  I couldn’t fall asleep, so I took another sedative and slept through most of the weekend; I’m so sorry I missed your call, my friend.  Things got in the way.

I notice this, this pile up during certain phases of my internal workings.  When I let life carry me along instead of going my own way and tugging my life behind me.  Sometimes I let it go long, as it is a soothing sort of malaise.  Sometimes I straight bang it in the nose and “Figure Things Out”.

Today I figure things out.  Today I bring you homework, in the form of lovely polka dots!  I have always been in love with nail lacquer and last night I decided to do a bright and bloody manicure to shock my mood.  I am wearing Orly’s Goin’ to the Chapel and have layered over it Black Cat’s Trinity.

blood dots

I know, it is a bit haphazard.  A bit crooked.  I have nailpolish on my thumb’s skin.  But those are DOTS!  Bright, dancing, red and silver and black DOTS!  It looks a party on my fingers; even if taken with a camera phone lens.

Some would argue that this is not a good example of the true polka dot.  Some would say that it must be something that looks like below:

dot shirt

And I do own that.  Not that exact shirt, but one similar.

Patterns are one of the best mood brighteners in the world.  Whenever I feel poorly in one way or another, I find my loudest pattern and wear it–even if I go nowhere but around the Hovel.  It lights me up and it seems rather trying to even attempt to be a gloom cookie in the right outfit.

What do you have that is polka dots??

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