Don't Panic


There is a fiver on my desk and I have no idea of where it came.  This shall bother me mildly for most of today.

So, MONTHS ago, I was happily going about my business at my gym when I hitched my back wrong.  I babied it a few days and then realized I pay for medical insurance for a reason and wandered over to my GP.  Thus began the giant CLUSTERFUCK of appointments and doctors only to get “Well, we think it is psychosomatic” as a diagnosis.  I have previously written about being put off because I am a depressive and I do take drugs to assist with that, so I won’t rant about that now.  However, I did get a scrip for a muscle relaxer and a prescription strength ibuprofen.

And all was (mildly) well.  I felt a bit better after a while, I was doing the back strengthening exercises I got from my psychiatrist (yeah, he was far more helpful than the GP), and everything seemed to be improving.

Friday I fell in my office.  Took one step, then helllloooo vertigo!  My office mate shouted at me through the conjoining door, but couldn’t do anything because he has a shattered foot.  Our accounting office is now staffed with an equal number of injured and non-injured personnel.   Brilliant.

So, I am doing everything gingerly and RIGHT BACK to the amount of pain that originally took me to the doctor.  Also, when you tell someone you broke your bum, even if that someone has made wedding vows in your general direction, they will do nothing but giggle.

Alright, I have whinged on long enough.

Now what the hell is this money for?

Also, please enjoy this rather adorable graphic I made of me holding a giant mustache.  And, please, allow me to say I have no idea why mustaches are “in” now!!! Someone explain it to me.  Use small words.

Side show bound!

Side show bound!

5 thoughts on “Injuries

  1. I AM amazed. I AM gasping in shock and awe.

    Must be the time of year for vertigo. I seem to get it every spring. Damn near fell off the ladder painting the basement stairwell yesterday! Hope your back/bum feels better soon. Hubby should stop laughing at you. Do you prepare his meals? I wouldn’t laugh at someone who cooked my food… ;o)

    • I love you to death, Lynne. You make me giggle lots!

      I HATE vertigo. I have no real “reason” or actual countable set of events to take to a doctor. It just is.

      I am glad you did not fall!!! I am so afraid I will get it while driving somewhere. I AM a little worried about my basement steps. Tight, confined, easy to roll down…BLARGH.

      I like the way you think. I believe I shall sneak some vegetables into his dinner tonight. Have some nutritious vitamins, you poltroon!!!

      • The first year I had vertigo, it was really bad. I told the doctor I was certain I had a brain tumour. Turns out it’s just a yearly virus thing. Yay. But maybe you shouldn’t drive for a few days, just to be safe. Make the POLTROON drive you.

        That’s an excellent word, BTW. :o)

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