No monsters yesterday or today, although technically EVERY day is Monster Madness countdown for me, because I live in a house with a skull collection, two little black dogs who are possessed by (1) the blondest and (2) the most sarcastic devils anyone could want to meet, dolls with creepy eyes, zombie paraphernalia, and one long suffering husband.  Also, I was married on Halloween so it is a countdown to whatever weird ass gift I get to give Sacco EVERY day.  He tends to not give me gifts, because I have already bought my own.  Which is usually another skull.  And then he whines about nightmares and how things stare at him and why can’t I just stick to collecting one weird thing instead of EVERY weird thing and how flea markets are smelly and HELL FUCK NO YOU CANNOT HAVE A REAL SKELETON.  Even though I would name him Harvey and dress him seasonally and right now, he is just living in a storage unit in Salina, KS being all lonely with no one to talk to.

I would talk to him every day.

Have some Cats.


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