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Quick, like a Chupacabra!

Oh my goodness what good my vacation was!!!  The parental units were so pleased with the Hovel and Sacco AND the state of the puppies!  Everything went SWIMMINGLY!  Some quick tidbits of what I am up to:

  • Working on the Rat King that became of my desk.  Interestingly, that link misses that a rat king appeared in the book “It” by Stephen King in 29, Neibolt Street when the children go back to challenge the (then) werewolf.
  • Thinking up some awesome stuff for MONSTER MADNESS!  Starting tomorrow, I shall have some monster-rich goodies for you!
  • Fixing one of the home computers.  It is having some hysterics and has been put to bed rest until I can properly futz with it.
  • Various marital and motherly duties to my demon pups and Sacco.  Most of which involve the great “hmmm…payday is a week away; what the hell can I make from the pantry?” query.  Shit is getting REAL in my kitchen.
  • Also, I am selling some of my gently used wardrobe in the Facebook group For Fat’s Sake.  Are you a 14+ gal?  Want to buy or sell some groovy stuff?  Join that group.  Some of us ship international.  I do, because I love my international friends.

In conclusion, RAWR MONSTERS!



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