Of Parenting and House Guests

Don’t get too excited, I am discussing fuzzy children with no need for college funds.

My parents are in from upstate New York, giving the Green Fox a much needed break and resetting my “I miss my family” switch.  So far Sacco has parent culture shock and we have bought Missouri.  Like, clothing, shoes, random grocery goods from the Asian market, beauty supplies–there are none left. It is being shoved into a Toyota and driven back to Racoon Crotch, NY.

Also along for the trip is the rickety and dearly beloved crabby old bat of a schipperkie, Mortisha. The original little black devil that started the collection of 13. She is in heaven,  dealing with one slightly less crabby middle aged bat and one puppy is a hell of a vacation for her as well. She is also in full blow coat mode, leaving more than the usual amount if black tumbleweeds on the woods floors.

Now, my Mum’s house is Caligula’s palace for the four footed set. It has been modified for any single thing a smallish to medium dog could need and all humans exist to serve.  I may have spoiled Princesses, but Mum has a variety of Queens.  Doors are always open, food is cooked special (no kibble!), and tiny little gates keep the few off limit areas safe.

My house is built for maximum comfort for ALL within, not just the baby girls. Since Mum arrived last Tuesday, she has been modifying the joint.  All manner of insect life has wandered into the open patio door and all manner of human foods has been shared with the rugrats. Sadly, it is not her face the rugrat’s bums are pointed at when the inevitable air biscuit drops. Specka can clear your sinuses with one well placed fart.

Happily this will not last and my girls will return to their semi heathen ways before this week is out.  Unhappily,  this also means Mum and Da are headed home.  Even though my adult life has been so much different than the Fox’s, what with me living all over the US, I still miss my family like hell and wish visits were easier and more often had.

Wednesday marks my full return to the internet and the kick off of Monster posts celebrating this year’s upcoming Halloween.  I am crazy excited and hope to have some good stuff to share!! 

Now, I shall detox my liver and hit the gym to work off the debauchery that is my mother and I entertaining ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Of Parenting and House Guests

    • I desperately wish that WERE the name of the town. That would make sending them parcels so much more interesting!!! But, yes, a visit either to or from the denizens of Tanuki Towers East requires an iron liver, followed by lots of soothing green things and tea after. 😀

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