So Far on the Juke…

I am SHAMELESSLY stealing the lovely Professor Z’s idea of “what are you listening to lately?”.  I think in light of everything else I may have to write about (current events wise anyway), this is the best thing to do.  No bad feels needed.

I will even categorize them!  Who does not love a good list?  Not I!

Bat Fit 2013  In the gym, when not listening to an instructor or an instructor’s weird ass yoga music (no, really.  One plays Christian rock while talking about Chakras and throws me into intense thought about the combination thereof while I should be all Savasana-ing), I have been listening to a couple really odd things myself.

My cardio jam: Girl Talk–All Day  I can NOT get enough of this album.  The pacing is great for running, biking, making your own spin class, and DANCING.  Best yet, you can download it for free on their website.  Or pay what you like.  I like it when artists do that.  I generally go back and pay for a re-download to my work address if I like the artist/album.

My new gym thing is weight lifting.  Not sissy lifting either.  I have started a pretty serious routine and am LOVING how my body feels during and after.  RAWR!!!  While lifting I have been listening to:  Cradle of Filth–Thornography, Judas Priest–Painkiller, and Stone Sour–Gone Sovereign.

whiter and lighter

As part of my plan to be a less negative person, I have been trying to keep the work play list limited to just what makes me insanely happy.  This has led to a lot of more things that make people peek into my door and wonder what alien took over my brain.  Ego Likeness gets played a huge amount, as does the Cruxshadows.  Bonus for those two bands: if they have filthy mouths, I have never noticed.  I think they are fairly work friendly for ANY job, not just my amazingly loose office.

At home, there has not been much music lately.  I think that may need to change soon.  When my stereo died, I kind of fell into a “how will I play music???” mentality and I have yet to fully break out of it.  Now I live with more than just a pygmy puppy (who is now a pygmy crabby old bat), I have television and tastes WILDLY different from my own to contend with.  There is something to be said for being single, but now I talk to the couch less.

The trade off is worth it, I think.

So, next time I do a juke entry, I hope to have had some tunes spinning while cooking.  Something going while I grind out that rep in World of Warcraft (pandas are AWESOME, don’t care what anyone says), and some more range to share with you.  I do have quite a collection of genres, even though I am forever a Batty Broad.

Have a good night!




2 thoughts on “So Far on the Juke…

  1. Haha, a yoga instructor playing Christian music! Do you think she’s scared of offending someone? My yoga instructor constantly plays music with weird repetitive chanting sentences that only kind of make half sense, like: “Let the long time sun shine upon you.” 🙂

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