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A few updated assignments!

Good Morning!

I do hope April is treating everyone well!  I went on a fruit freak out this weekend and now my husband is wondering where all the “good stuff” is.

The man demands his cheesy poofs.

Bat Fit 2013


Bat Fit 2013 has been chugging right along!  I was struck down with The Sickness all last week and a few rather epic Anxiety Attacks the week before, as well as what I have come to know as a Prelude to an Attack at least a week and half prior to that–so I am calling it a month of just existing?  That sounds about right.  However, as The Professor notes here, sometimes we all need a bit of a regroup.  So, I am not calling myself a total bat spazz, I am going to be needing a training helmet to get back up there in the house.

Hell, I trip over painted lines.  I bet if I was a real bat I would totally be bonking into tree limbs, houses, other bats, and such all the time.  No shame.  Maybe a little.

Ms. Misantropia had a brilliant idea last month of April being a lovely recharge time, and I could not agree more!  I don’t know  about the rest of the world, but Missouri is waking up plant-wise and temperature wise.  We even had our first awesome spring storm last night!  Thunder, lightning, and hail–oh my!

whiter and lighter

No tornado warnings yet (as the owner of small black dogs, I follow those religiously), but we did debut the Wednesday practice alarm earlier this month as well.  Ms. Misantropia has started Whiter and Lighter, a time of committing to change one or two things in this month of growth.  My own commitment is:

Let go of so much Negativity. 

Really, if there were awards for being pessimistic, I would own them all.  They would sit forlorn and dusty in a cupboard of the Hovel, because who cares, I have no friends, everyone hates me, I’m going to go eat worms.


Seriously, so many of my road blocks are of my own making.  This month, I am going to try to cultivate the habit of noticing the negative thoughts, reversing them or chastising them, and getting out of my own head so much!

Also, it totally warms my heart to see the little community I joined a few years ago come together and support each other in the way these assignments and Facebook groups has.  It proves that even when you feel alone within your subculture in a sea of people where your the freak, your people are just an internet connection away.

Speaking of which, I have been trying out new readers and have missed SO MANY blog updates!!!  Prepare for random comments left on your posts from weeks ago.



8 thoughts on “A few updated assignments!

  1. It’s such a treat to know there are people in the world who could enjoy your company.
    I love the little communities!
    I’m rooting for ya =D

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