Friday Freak Out

My to do list is amazingly out of control.  Sacco and others say that it is because it is not realistic.  I say “HA!” and then go off in a corner to freak out quietly until I continue marching on and ticking off boxes.

I have purchased weird little postcards to say “allo” to my new pen pal peoples.  I just need to figure out what to say on them and hope I do not come off as a tremendous dork.  Okay.  A BIGGER tremendous dork.  Also, postage to Australia and European places.  Must figure out postage.

We had epic levels of snow in Kansas City and while I spared you all a picture of my porch (the rest of the city certainly shared enough), I got behind on IMPORTANT WORK THINGS (IWT) because of impassable roads and my will to live.  The roads are now fine but no gnomes showed up to complete IWT in my absence, so those are still in need of completing.

It is the first!  This day is tremendously important to us accounting types who do work around various food and beverage agencies.  Well, it is important to all, but this is food and beverage inventory day!  Yay!  Let me take hours away from my desk to follow around some dude with my clipboard and repeat numbers back at them.   This does not help IWT!!!

The Hovel is a sty fit for the finest of pigs.  I make a shitty house wife, and everyone knows it.  Even I must grudgingly do a bit of cleaning when a dog hair tumbleweed blows across the COFFEE TABLE.  That is epic levels of lazy and distracted right there, especially when one’s spouse has Asthma.  Well, lazy or an incredibly inefficient way to get a life insurance pay out.

So, my goal with this weekend is to clean the Hovel, brush out the youngest, not leave work until IWT is (mostly) done, and do a bit of writing.  Writing to people and also in my little books.  Oh, and plan my ear out.  I have diagrams of the human ear and need to spend some time planning the placement of additional bits of metal.  Must talk to my piercer of choice about my personal anatomy and placement.

Also, I have homework to do, seven new books to read, knitting project to complete, and…some other stuff.

This post must be enthralling.

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