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Monday Detritus

Monday by Morgaine Fey
Monday, a photo by Morgaine Fey on Flickr.

Gratuitous office shot of some of my favorite things.  I never know what face to make in those shots…sorry.

  • Tourniquet eye shadow from the lovely lady of Black Rose Minerals.  This is seriously one of my favorite shades and one my office camera does no justice for.  It is a black sort of powder that smooths onto your lids leaving a bronzy sort of after glow.    
  • New specs from Lookmatic.  I found a voucher for $100 for $50 and could not say no to a pair of big cat eye librarian glasses.
  • Tragus piercing currently being stretched to a 14 from a 16.  My new body piercing gal did it for the price of the jewelry, but I threw extra dollars at her anyway.  It was my fault the gauge was so small in the first place, I just said “Pierce it!” assuming it would be 14 at a different shop.  Stupid, stupid me.  Be particular about your shops and specific about your wants!  Lesson learned.
  • Teeny 8G wooden hoops from Dunny Gun.  So adorable and really great for work wear when you need a lower profile.  Not that my boss cares a whole lot about my mods, but it is good to keep up appearances for when owners may visit.
  • And, my favorite thing (sic), my office mess.  We have run out of storage for our files, and now must store things in our offices until we can shred old and recycle binders and envelopes.  I am quickly being swallowed by copy paper boxes.

This weekend was all video game time.  I played Skyrim for a huge amount of the days as Sacco was working.  I had all kinds of plans, but they all just melted away in my jonesing for the next level, next bit of gear, and next story line.  I am a werewolf cat master thief, so I accomplished something.  >^-^<

Oh, and there was also nap time with the girls.  The youngest has begun to poke me into a preferred shape with her nose and whines HORRIBLY when I decline, so it is easier to let princess have her way.  I had given them big chewies without thinking about their little doggy farts, and so had to open the window and wrap up in a spare duvet for nap time.  Blech.  My kids are so spoiled, good thing they are not human!!

Honestly the weekend was perfect for me, I have been feeling poorly in that vague sense of just not right within the body, so the resting was not terrible.  I HAD wanted to get some working out done, even dressed for it on Saturday, but got sidetracked.  I missed a week of work outs when I got my tattoo touched up and expanded (sort of a brand new one AND a slight cover up at the same time) because I did not want to irritate the open wound with sweat and gym ick, so now I just need to get back to it.

It is a Federal holiday here in the states and work is all the more lovely for it.  Everyone always pulls a long face at me when I say I will work, but honestly it is so nice here in the office when all the extra people are gone.  Work gets done smoother and with less interruption and I can be more free with my musical selections.

OH!  I also found time to knit, so the Green Fox’s youngest has a new scarf!!  I must get it on the way to Terminally Cute before the weather warms up!  I made her mum (my new sister) one in the same colour for the winter holiday before this past one, so this one is a wee bit overdue.  It is a looser gauge and is more lace like.  I thought that would be better for the wee bairn.

Have a wonderful week!!


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