Tickets to the Gun Show…

…cost $10 per person.  Not per adult.  Just person.  It was refreshing to see it so evenly done, actually.

So, on December 22nd of this past year Sacco, myself, Family A, and Family B went to one of the many gun shows held in Kansas City over the year.  It was planned month of, we had coupons, shopping lists, and dinner plans.

{Before I even talk about getting there, I am going to do a quick history of me and guns.  My family is stuffed full of people who do not believe in meat from a grocery store.  My father is a retired Air Force spook so, while he did not carry automatics, he told even larger guns where to point.  I have always lived in a house with at least one gun in it (usually a shit load more than that, really), and generally assumed all my friends did as well.  My father taught me how to shoot young, and some of my very favorite memories from when we moved to the United States was going out in the winter with Daddy to practice. It did not happen often enough, and I always clamor to go out when we visit.

My brother and I learned some basic lessons: always assume the gun is loaded, never look in the barrel, never point at people or animals unless you intend to shoot them, and for fuck’s sake clean up a little, your driving your mother insane.

Sacco and a WHOLE LOT of my adult friends and twitter follows never had these experiences I gather.  Sacco only ever knew his cop grandpa had one and that was it.  Most other friends looked down on hunters and gun owners as loons who were not well bred.  Which is okay.  They can have an opinion.  I generally encourage them to MEET people before they assume anything about them and then carry on.  I am fairly non-confrontational with my beliefs.}

Now, unless you are under a rock or live in any other country and care more about your politics instead of ours, we all know what happened on December 14th in New Jersey.  It was sad and terrible.  It was a sick young man who decided, for reasons no one will now ever know, to do what he did.  I felt a lot of grief.  Grief for the parents who have to deal with this cruel twist in their lives, the officers and investigators who had to go in and deal with the human carnage, and also for our nation–grief that we could rubber neck this thing.  Then I felt ill while I watched my twitter stream light up with people on both sides of the gun issue race to put themselves and their agendas out there, riding the wave of feelings that are brought out of humans while we watch others do heinous things.

With this current event and climate in the air, I was worried about the show.  Sacco was going for novelty and I was going because I wanted to see what one was about.  I had only ever been in shops and have only gone through the purchasing process in New York, a state with a very THOROUGH process.  I wanted to see how Missouri stacked up, but what would the show be like now?

Honestly, it left a bittersweet taste in my mouth.  We met up with our friends and Sacco and I got to enjoy an all too rare outing with other humans (we are the only family in our social circle with no kid, so our opportunities to do things are lacking).  We got to see a lot of art.  There was a man who carved shotgun stocks, and he had a lovely one with an almost life like squirrel on it that just screamed my mother’s name.  There was a lot of jewelry artists, and I thought of every one of my Goth friends as I picked up an o-ring on leather bracelet and a spike on leather bracelet for the unheard of price of $2 each!  We over heard a lot of teaching (parent to child, dealer to buyer, etc) and found some great zombie hunter stickers for my car, Zero, and Sacco’s tool boxes.  There were amazing guns for collectors (one had FAR MORE zeros after the number than I had ever expected seeing!) and some guns that I had seen only in video games.

We over heard a lot of crap though.  We saw semi-automatics being sold at GOUGING prices, advertised with signs reading “Pick yours up before the new law takes away your rights!”.  We overheard parents teaching their children not to question things, but to just blindly fear.  We saw a lot of ammo hoarding and fear buying.  There were “bug out bags” and emergency food rations and everything you needed to stock your underground bunker.

It upset me.  Sacco was nonplussed by the whole event and would have much rather skipped walking the massive event site and went straight to the pizza dinner.

It begged the question, should I have skipped it all together?  I have been thinking about it since then and have come to conclusion that no, I should not have skipped it.  I got to watch the father of family A teach his daughter more about his favorite hobby and I got to watch how you buy a gun in Missouri.  Spoiler alert, it is way less complicated than in New York.  We hung out and talked to our friends while we made fun of the more obvious wack-jobs and ate pizza in a fancy restaurant.

Ending thought, it was an experience.  I got to see the best and worst of the gun owning public in one place.  I believe for my comfort, I shall stick to the shops.

2 thoughts on “Tickets to the Gun Show…

  1. Agreed about the meat thing – getting your meat from the wild is way more ecological and less cruel than buying produced meat.
    But yeah, guns are not toys, and they should not be sold out randomly. Over here you need a licence to own one, but it’s too easy to get one. I thing guns should be only given to people after psychological tests and checking their possible background of criminality.
    xo, L

    • Certainly agree. Background checks are a must–I don’t want to think about how many guns are sold to criminals.

      When I learned to use guns, we had to take a long class and get certified and everything. It was really intense.


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