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Yoga Faceplant

My first blog was named “Yoga Faceplant” and I had TOTALLY forgotten why until tonight!

First off, welcome to:

Bat Fit 2013WOO!  Getting batty broads and boys healthier in 2013!  Part of my healthy is not so much fitness for weight loss (although that is a benefit) but fitness for body happiness.  A sluggish body is not happy!

Anyway, back to the famed face plant.  My first and only post there was about doing yoga with my (then only) dog and I never got around to writing about the reason for the bloody blog name!

I don’t know about the rest of you (I’m looking at you, long sleeved shirt ladies in yoga class!) but I get sweaty when I yoga.  Hell, I get sweaty if I LOOK at the bloody gym really, so stretching and holding poses REALLY gets me glowing.  I have had a “grippy” mat for on top of my yoga mat for so long, I had forgotten the correlation between that purpose and my body chemistry.

Tonight I was running behind getting out of the house and had forgotten that the extra mat was in the wash pile.  Also, I was a slug all last weekend and had not touched said pile.  I shrugged my shoulders, grabbed my main mat, instructed the dogs to listen to Daddy (they didn’t) and ran off to my gym.  The club is a good 15 minutes away in the next suburb over, but even during that drive I never thought of my impending doom.

Thanks to a car wreck (I swear MO drivers are the worst…says the snobby former NYer) and the late start I ran into class and was able to score a place just about a minute before first stretch.  Sadly, this is not the latest I have been, so I was still thinking positive thoughts.  Yup, happy candy-floss thoughts until my first Downward Dog.  When my hand started to sliiiiiiiide ever so slightly on my mat.


As class progressed, I fell on my arse a grand total of four times and spent more time concentrating on not falling on my face than on my breath.  Final relaxation was the sweetest thing in the world tonight, let me tell you.  The slow slight change of position that started became a slick slide about on the mat as the hour went on.

I still enjoyed the hell out of class…always do.  Yoga is one of those things that does not FEEL like exercise, but a meditation class with added happy stretching.  I just felt a LOT sillier than I generally do.  I am already the fluffiest girl in class with the gangsta bandanna and (generally) really dark eye makeup still on; I really did not want to add goofy clown falls to my image.

Anyway, the moral of the yoga face plant is to invest in an extra grippy mat my sweaty darlings!  You will be happier, more stable, and less likely to take out a classmate while flying into pigeon.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Faceplant

  1. I’ve tried to do yoga on my own but never get it until I tried a yoga class this wednesday. It was amazingly fun, I was sweating floods and didnt realize that this is a heavy workout until my muscles were sored yesterday. My complete body is aching! I will definitely continue 😀

    • Yay! Yeah, yoga is so much fun but you don’t realize till you do it that is actually anything other than stretching (unless you really think about it for a bit!).

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