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I’m Dancing on a Lake of Fire

No lies, my dears, this year has been a tough one.  From BIG marital conversations to BIG work ulcers, this has been a year of struggle in all spheres of life.  I thank the Goddess daily (sometimes I forget and fail, but mostly daily) for the steps I have been allowed to take in this life, the crags I have held on to with bloody fingernails, and the peaceful woods in which I have meditated.  Are you over metaphor-ed, yet?

I have never told many people this, but I worship the darker aspects of the Gods and Spirits.  Now I am over 30 and feel entitled to say “Sod It!” and to hell with what you think you know of me.  I worship the so called “death gods” and, while this has made me unwelcome in the fluffy bunny Wiccan circles of the cities I have called home, I would like to think that this has helped me be metal and rock in the flames of strife, instead of wood and cloth.  Every thing and every one teaches a lesson and, while my deities are not the gentlest, their lessons are the ones I learn the best.  Harsh reality guides my heart and action, and I do believe this year has been a big test of that!  What can I say?  It takes a lot to get my attention!

Darling Gina of Iridescently Gina has nominated me for the Blog on Fire Award.  I am so happy to accept it!

blog-on-fire-awardI am lucky to count Gina among the people I know in the flesh, and I was giddy to find her spot online.  While PAINFULLY shy and quiet in real life, I come across almost human online, so this was a rather BIG bonus.

The rules of this award are: Thanking the giver, sharing a few facts, and passing the torch.  Onward!

  • I really, really, REALLY enjoy hotels and have always dreamed of working in them.  This dream continues to this day, even though I now realize the utter suckatude that can come from interacting with the public in this manner.  I have worked in a HUGE variety of hotels (Historic, Triple A Four Diamond, Corporate, Family Owned) and still love my industry.  I have also been in almost every department and have to say, accounting is flipping my switches.  It has enough order that my OCD driven brain is deeply happy and enough camouflage from the public that my slightly off kilter look and attitude are hidden and contained.  I am an AWESOME front desk person, but only if you don’t want to be fawned on.  If you want fawning instead of professionalism, then I am not your girl.
  • I really like it when people ask me what my parents think of my religion because it came about BECAUSE of my parents.  How dare they teach me other cultures, critical thinking, and the freedom to fly my freak flag as I like? I enjoy the looks.  I do want to punch people in the throat when they ask me how big a factor the movie “The Craft” had, though.  That movie blew.  Fairuza Balk was hot, but she should have had the OTHER chick’s role and then it would have been okay.  OH GOD THE GOTH GIRL IS EVIL, SURPRISE!  Lazy story writing right there, ya’ll.
  • My family is Scottish and, even though a certain ex boy used to really drive home the fact that I could claim no roots to a certain homeland, I still view Scotland as an important part of my family history.  I still want to go to the county seat of Clan McPhearson, the Clan my family owed fealty to.  Roots are roots and I was always pissed off by that guy’s attitude.  He was very Draco Malfoy now I think about it.  “You are a mud blood, just deal with it.”  Screw you dude, screw you.  Or rather not, as it turns out.  Thanks for teaching me that trick Sacco digs so much, by the way.  Best thing about our relationship, right there.  Your’s and mine.  Not mine and my husband’s.  We have LOTS of awesome.  Starting with how he puts up with my shit so well.
  • I am far too honest for my own good.
  • I proudly have pure breed dogs.  I have also adopted dogs.  Been on both sides of the fence, people.  Stop telling me I’m evil because I know the parents of my newest baby.  I don’t care and you are wasting our oxygen   You should totally plant a tree to make up for how much I don’t care.  Love your babies, no matter how you get them.
  • I speak conversational Japanese.  Badly, at this moment, but it used to be better.  I am taking classes to get back to my previous level and beyond it.  I also can half ass my way through a conversation in Spanish.  Even worse through French, but only if it is written down.

Anyway, there was some stuff about me!  The following people inspire me in all kinds of separate ways.  Please enjoy them.

Meagan at Coffin Kitsch has all kinds of lovely things she blogs about.  I highly recommend her.  She is a stylish thing.

Amanda at A Dash of Noir and all her other blogs.

The Ramblings of a Hedge Witch

Professor Z for generally being all kinds of interesting!

Natalie at Gothy Two Shoes for being a bad ass “fluffy” goth just like me.  It is nice to see a gal online I could trade clothes with for once.  Our milkshakes bring the sexual orientation of our choice to the yard, and over fill our bras.




2 thoughts on “I’m Dancing on a Lake of Fire

  1. Interesting stuff you’re writing. Recently I have almost only been seeing atheist propaganda, so it was refreshing to read this. For me, Gods are something that just are there.. I don’t try define them or know who they are or have any rituals about them.. Just that I can’t be an atheist, as I can’t believe the earthlings are the highest creatures there are, a human doesn’t know a crap :P.
    x, Lara

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