Don't Panic

A Taste of Things to Come

Resolutions for Stuff! Also Things!

  • I need to figure out how to sign off on this thing.  Purji is my WOW name, really.  My real one is pretty too.
  • Camera’s are ready for some pictures!  More everyday life and little black dog snaps!
  • Recipes!
  • Content about my continuing education.  I study quite a lot.  I should talk about it.
  • Trip information and some guides.  I work in Hospitality and have a LOT to share about how hotels work.  Sure, they are all over the place, but at least I will know I have shared.
  • More Grace in Small Things.
  • A post about My First Gun Show.  Oh my.
  • As well as all the navel-gazing crap you have come to know and tolerate!!

Have a Happy New Year and ring the bells!!

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