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Holiday and That

So tonight is my holiday and I am not ready.  I had my menu planned but some unexpected expenses showed up (don’t they always?) and now my plans are derailed.  To top it all off, Sacco asked what exactly my holiday was again??  I know it has only been four occasions and he does not share in my rituals, I know that it truly does not matter if there is a special meal, but it has sort of combined to make me feel low and sad.

I will not LET myself feel it long though.  I will write it out here and then I will perhaps go to the gym and do some running and I will stop wallowing in this hole.  The God’s do not care what I eat.  It does not matter that Sacco does not understand my beliefs.  If I wanted someone who believed everything I do and walked to the same beat, I would have searched harder for him.  I would have gone to circles and bookstores and tried harder.  I didn’t.  I wandered about my life, doing my thing, and feel in love with no thought.  We discussed our religious beliefs and decided that we were similar enough (he is not a TRUE as you would expect Christian) that it did not matter the names of our holidays.

I am also avoiding the news AND twitter as both things make me shouty.

I am at work and people are running off and buying last minute gifts.  I am going about a normal Friday set of duties and trying to find my piece.  No long weekend for me, I am back at work Monday and Tuesday.  Not to be a martyr, but because I am a critter of habit and routine.  Seriously.  The easiest person to kidnap right here.  Work, home, the shops, MAYBE a hockey game if I am lucky.

I am currently bidding on a new (to me) analog camera.  I love playing with film and light saturation.  Once I get my scanner hooked up I will share some of my shots.  Nothing worth hanging up, I am not as handy as many of my friends, but pretty none the less.

(Side note: I totally have a war with Gina going over creative cards.  My opening salvo has yet to be shot, but I am planning.  So I guess it is a cold war.  Happening only in my mind.  That she just became aware of if she reads this far.

Seriously, this bitch is insane.  Her cards are wee pieces of art.  Her wedding invitations were exquisite–WEDDING INVITATIONS that went out to LOTS OF PEOPLE.  I paid someone to print some!  She MADE them.  And, although I am sure she may have pressed her husband into some sort of task, it is still her creativity all over the place.  So much hate.  I SHALL FIGHT BACK.  She is forcing me to up a game I barley have.  That is what new friends are for right?

Commission her for something.  You will probably not be disappointed.  I wouldn’t be.  I am not you though, YOU might be all high maintenance and bitchy.  I hope not though.)

ANYWAY so some scanned images are (hopefully) forthcoming.

(Edit Note: An hour later.)

A work friend brought me buckeyes!!  This has cheered me greatly actually!  Nothing says you are an awesome human being like bringing candy to a person who frothed all over your Facebook page about how they want the candy you stated you were making for a cookie swap.  C, you are an awesome woman and I am warm and fuzzy in your direction.

If you do not know what a buckeye is, it is an Ohio thing because their college mascot is the Buckeye, which is a poisonous nut.  It does not make sense to me either.  An EDIBLE buckeye is a ball of peanut butter fudge covered in a chocolate shell.  It is delicious and rich and I have a bagful that I will share with no one because they are mine.

I also had a great lunch with a woman who used to be my Director of Human Resources and got all kinds of continuing education ideas.  Nothing makes me happier than learning more about the business I am in.  Perhaps I will never go into HR, but as my position works closely with HR, understanding the basics can never hurt.  Also, as I am far too lazy to look for a new job this will come in handy for when our current HR person takes leave to look for greener pastures.  I have survived two so far.

It was lovely to catch up on more equal footing as well.  We were two gals discussing our careers and kids and boys and not DHR and Hourly Grunt.  It was lovely.

So life continues, presents this weekend as that is when Sacco and I have peaceful time together.  I hope he loves them all.  We even got presents from NY and CO sets of grandparents.  Awesomesauce!

Merry what you celebrate internet!  May you enjoy warm and fuzzy feelings!

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