So, my therapist has this nick name for me.  Whenever I start going off about how nothing matters and everything sucks and, well…just basically sounding like a Smith’s song he says I am being:


This generally makes us both laugh a bit and then he explains how, yes things blow and yes, sometimes things do not go the way they must–it should not matter to me.  Specific things to me should matter, whether we are going to hurtle into the sun or something is not what should take up all my brain waves.  We chat and I feel better and I fork over my co-pay and spend another month working on me.

As I sit here eating my emergency noodle soup lunch (for when the employee cafeteria puts out food I cannot/will not eat) I watch Adora Batbrat videos and think I need to be a little more like her.  Now, I am sure that every day is not unicorn farting rainbows for her, but every single Vlog she does is just smiley and bubbly and it just looks like she is having so much freaking fun that it is insane.  So while I would love to look more like her with her flawless skin and lovely accouterments, that is not realistic for me.  But, her level of fun she portrays?  THAT just may be attainable.

I’m going to put more fun into my life.  That may combat the Eeyore, especially when the news seems to exist only to feed the beast, as it were.

Yes darlings, everything can sometimes suck.  We just have to control how much space it takes up in our heads; rent free.

2 thoughts on “Fun

  1. I’m going to show this post to my daughter since she won’t go see a therapist. Which would be helpful for her since she has a lot of “everything sucks” days. The nut didn’t fall too far from the tree, apparently. ;o)

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