Gothidays Day Two!!

There seems something so terribly wrong with writing a post on Gothing up the Holidays, when I just spent two hours in 70* weather doing yard work.   I hate my yard.

No, maybe just the TREES in it.  The trees with all the LEAVES.

Holidays are a bit of a wobbly time still for Sacco and I.  Short history of my holidays of times past: I have not actually celebrated many since 19 or so.  I worked all the way through college and have always worked in hotels.  The ultimate 24/365 business.  There are no weekends or holidays, there is just things to do and get done every single day.  Sacco has been just the opposite, though he to worked in hotels and such, the holiday itself he generally had off and generally lived close enough to home to come back and hang.  I have spent my life anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days drive away from my family.

Now we are both away from family and I have put in my hospitality time to the point where I am now in a rather “kush” position.  I work in accounts and have fairly regular hours during what most people view as a regular work week.  I am still getting used to not working swings and mids and having weekends off.  This has finally put Sacco and I in the position of spending the holidays…together.

I think we are getting our legs under us though!  We have a “holiday bush” (a separate post later this week just about that!), called such because it is barely four feet tall and that does not qualify for the title “tree” in my mind.  We have a set of holiday meals that we have decided on (Chinese on Christmas Eve, some sort of Roast Beast for Yule, and an Asian Hot Pot for New Years) that include some home made (New Years and Yule) as well as going out (Chinese).  We each have the traditional holiday light argument that I firmly believe all couples must have (I spent my early years in Augsburg, Germany and believe WHITE lights are the only correct thing, while he grew up in the USA and believes those horrid multicoloured things are the THING).  I gift him with car things and he generally gets me another skull for my collection.

Neither of us are what the other expected when we imagined married holidays.  I have a collection of skulls with funny names in silly hats and believe in things like house kami and elemental spirits and Gods with funny names.  He is an Eagle Scout so proud he has his badges in a shadow box on the wall (really), is the type of Christian who thinks God is quite a good idea but the entire Church thing must just embarrass everyone (God included), and causes jaws to drop in every room in which I happen to introduce him as my husband.  We are different in ways obvious to the eyes and in ways only obvious through trolling through our depths.  But, despite all that; we giggle at each other, we respect the beliefs of each other, and we truly are each other’s best friends.  The process of blending our households and beliefs has been eye-opening and entertaining on both sides for a few years now, and hopefully our baby steps towards tradition will lead to a good many years on this same path.

Our house is a wee bit different than other’s during these winter holidays; but I think it is getting to be quite perfect for us.


6 thoughts on “Gothidays Day Two!!

  1. I agreed with you wholeheartedly about white lights being the only correct thing – right up until I saw another Gothidays post about purple LED lights and now I might have to change my mind – again.

    I’m excited to see your Holiday Bush! :o)

  2. First and foremost … it’s snowing on your blog! hehehe! I honestly thought it was a bug on my screen until more came. HA! So cute.

    I really love the way people, who are in love, mesh their traditions and belief systems during the holidays. I really, truly think that THIS is the true meaning of the season — that we can all get along despite our differences. Sure, we may argue over light colors (Ed and I had the same fight. I like white, he wanted multi … I won because it was way more important to me than to him) and we may not always agree on the forms things should take, but in the end it’s all about working together to make the season our own. Much love to both of you!

    And thanks for participating!

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