Don't Panic

I pushed the button…

Him, handing me late night dinner in a bag:  I thought you said you were going to clean the bathroom today?

Me, in bed accepting late night munchies much needed after failed dinner while he was gone:  I totally did.

Him:  Umm, there are still drifts of black hair in the corners and stuff.

Me:  Oh!  I didn’t do THAT!  I replaced the shower spray bottle and pushed the “heavy spray” option.

Him, nothing but a blank face.

Me:  What?

AND THAT is why I am the WORST housewife in the entire world.  Also, not a mind reader.  I thought the tub was the only thing the REALLY needed some TLC.  He is a little more anal than I and is offended by the drifts of combined human (mine) and dog (Ele and Specka) hair that looks like it is crawling from between the porcelain tile like any Asian horror movie made after Ju-On.  I GUESS I should touch up the rest of the loo today.


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