Office Drone

Surprise Bat

Sometimes you have this office mate, right?  You don’t work in the same department, but you are both bees of the hive.  You are an hourly slave to a spreadsheet and the have the mystical “M” word on their name badge.  You get together once a week to go over month end bits and bobs, and chat about fluff because that is how you get along in this world.  You are pretty sure there is not much thought beyond that on either side.

Then that individual drops by with a present, said in the same tone of voice used when dropping off paperwork.  And the present turns out to be a bad ass bit of Bacardi brand swag that they grabbed JUST BECAUSE they thought of you.

And then your heart grows ten sizes about the day and you grin a bit about how people, even though most of them are bastards, always have the tendency to amaze.

Meet my new shot counter, George. Thank you Mr. X for making a Goth’s day.

I love that every time I post GPOY from the office, my stack of “To File” gets noticeably bigger.  I thought having it behind me would be easier to “Meh, I will get to it.”, but now I kind of feel like the internet is judging me and I need to, you know, DO something about it.

Also, that nail polish is OPI’s I Don’t Give a Rotterdam, which is quite a mouthful.  I think it may turn into my “base” nail colour.  It is a lovely sort of neutral grey with just a hint of sparkle.  I picked it up on a whim when I went to have my bangs seen to (It was getting all sheepdog up in here) and I am really enjoying it.

This will never be a nail polish blog because, as you can probably see, I keep my nails short and (as is perhaps not clear) my index finger nails grow rather wonky.  They curve to the inside of my hand, making nails longer than this look like I put falsies on sideways.  YAY FOR WEIRD HAND DEFORMITIES!

I was just called in to my boss’s office to give my opinion on his couple of tattoo options.  I ❤ my immediate coworkers.  We are the most awesome accounting office you could meet.  That is if you like loud music, swear words, tattoos, piercings, sardonic wit, and just a general pirate ship sort of vibe that is.

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