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An Up and Down Kind of Day

Nothing starts a day off well like getting into a chores argument with the spouse first thing.  It was really a minor kerfuffle, but Sacco and I argue so rarely it was elevated to A Thing.

Then I went off and was a good American citizen.

Catwoman would like you to know she struts it like she OWNS it at all times in this office.  Also, that name tag to the left does say Ms. Beaverhausen.  It is totally awesome.

I then returned home to collect my cell phone that I left on the charger.

THEN I made it to work.

It has been a rather uninspiring day full of anger (NO ONE TAKES RESPONSIBILITY, GRRRR!) and the happy beige of my dear, darling spreadsheets.  I do love a spreadsheet.  Accounting is so me.

Myself, the Boss, and the Mouth went to lunch together (as you do) and were disturbed rather fantastically by a what looked to be tween boy running up, grabbing, and proceeding to drape himself over the Mouth.  Now, the Mouth has been held up at gunpoint, mugged, and just all around messed with throughout her lifetime, so there really was a brief moment of “Oh Gods, what *IS* she going to do!”.  Happily, given his age and his mistake (his Mum had been standing where she was until just a moment before) all he got was the LOOK and a “Excuse me, what the HELL do you think you are doing!” rather than the slug we could see bunching in her arm muscles.  Her heart was racing for the rest of the meal and the conversation was dominated by the incident, rather than who is pissing us off at the office (as is generally the case).  It was funny, and horrifying, and mortifying (for the boy) all at the same time.  I am sure both the grabber and grabbee will think on it for days to come.

The election has my stomach in a nervous knot even though I know no matter who wins, we all lose.

I continue to hear good things and bad from family and friends in New York, and I cannot say this enough: the fact there is next to NO news coverage for this compared to other natural disasters is pissing me right the hell off.  TWITTER is telling me more than the news!  WTF people?  Anyway, if any of you reading have a dime and the inclination, please donate to the Red Cross or another flavor of charity.  People are still starving and without necessities and it is getting VERY cold.

Lastly, someone on XO Jane wrote an article about how she is judging you if you got your dog or cat from a breeder and if you ARE a breeder: you are an asshole.  I kiiiind of wanted to ask her if she was planning on popping out any babies between now and menopause, so I could judge her right back for being a hypocrite, but I settled with something more along the lines of live and let live.  Did not stop her from commenting back about her judging me.  So you all know, my darling daughters are pure bred with pedigrees longer than my arm.  If this makes you hate me, then see you, so long, nice to have met you.  I personally feel that is a silly reason to judge a body.  Also, my Momma is a breeder and you do NOT talk smack about my Momma, even if you did not know it.  ::Laughs::

I really want to tell you what I have coming up, but I am so historically bad at following through with what I want to post (I am so “of the moment”) that I am just not going to bother.


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