One Lovely Blog

The lovely Nightshade over at The Purple Broom nominated me for the honor of having a lovely blog!

Huge thanks and deep red kisses to her!

So the rules are:

  • Thank the individual and link back!  Done and of course!
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you admire.
  • Leave a comment letting them know you nominated them.

As I have historically been a lurker, this should be someone’s first notice I admire them.  On with the useless facts!!

  1. I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder and generalize anxiety disorder.  These make me sound light and fluffy with a very clean house.  This is not the reality.  I have weird little rituals and deals with myself to do normal things and I am worried about EVERYTHING.  Like, anything and everything.  Sock monkeys, burglars, rabid wolverines who are NOT hot rugged men, aliens, bugs, nuclear war, everyone dying, and on and on and on.  After my fifth panic attack at work, my boss talked me into seeing his shrink.  This has elevated him to Best Boss Ever status and has changed my life.  Also, Sacco is waaaay less annoyed with me these days.
  2. I have two Schipperkes who are the love of my life.  They are an all black breed of dog from Belgium and are an adorable cross between a bear, a fox, and a cat…but shrunk small and a dog.  I have a full size one and a dwarf.  The dwarf is a crabby old bitch with mysterious ways, just like her Mum.  >^-^<
  3. I read three or four books at a time.  I have no issues with keeping ’em separate and MUST read a few chapters before I can sleep no matter what.
  4. My FAVORITE shows of all time are Mystery Science Theater, and it’s children Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax.
  5. I am currently collecting piercings.  I have an ultimate plan for my ears and will not stop until they are fully covered in sparkly bits.
  6. I was married on Halloween (Samhain) because I wanted my ancestors there.  My belief system is Shinto as that is what I was raised in and I believe that my ancestors watch over me, along with any friendly Kappa who may be hanging about at the moment.  Halloween is when the doorways are most open, so that was the most auspicious day.
  7. My favorite dates with Sacco have been movie dates to cartoons.  I don’t know what that says about us, but H
    otel Transylvania was damn cute.

I hereby nominate: everyone on my blogroll when I get it finished! I know, cop out and all that, but it is so hard to choose!

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