Family / Holiday / Pagan and Proud

It is the moooooooost wonderful time of the year!

October is HUGE for me and mine.  This month holds not only my favorite holiday (which happens to be my wedding anniversary) but ALSO the wedding anniversaries of most of my family members as well.  The air is crisp and getting cool and my favorite foods come into season with a vengeance (pumpkin FTW).  The leaves are pretty and I start feeling my batteries recharge.

Perhaps it is Samhain and the ceremonial ending of the year that gives me this feeling.  As I do in August for Obon, I light the fires at the foot of my drive way welcoming my family member’s spirits to my home to feast with Sacco and my little fur-bottomed girls.  I do a full house clean and tidy.  I recharge my altar with the changing air and do a bit of rearranging as the darker half of the year falls upon us.  My depression lifts a little more than usual and I get a little less stand offish.

Full disclosure, the only people in my house who get cuddles from me are generally my dogs.  I am torn between wanting human cuddles and being a veritable porcupine in human form.  Once the trees turn golden and the air is full of wood smoke, a bit of that leaves me.  My quills soften and I can sit with Sacco the way he likes, wrapped in each other’s arms without feeling trapped and anxious.  One of the many reasons my boy is possibly a saint or a very well hidden spirit: he knew all my faults and loved me anyway.

With all of this in mind, I have all kinds of things I need to start the baking of and the braising of and the decorating of.  I am late with the traditional Halloween trappings and late with my cleansings.  I generally start cleansing my home and altar around my birthday in September, but life got in the way this year.  I don’t have one altar, but lots of little things spread throughout my home.

I think this is a hold over from trying to hide it from others.  I had SUCH a horrible experience at the end of high school (insert a chorus of “WHO HASN’T” here) from a friend that I dismantled my one altar and have just never rebuilt it.  Instead, I have little mini-altars throughout my home.  I am slowly starting to plan a spot to have a fully dedicated to my practice again.  It would perhaps bring a more complete peace to my home.

FIRST on the list ahead of ANYTHING right now is searching for diabetes friendly goodies for my in-laws, who arrive the 11th.  Dad is diabetic and I always want to serve a full spread, so I have to make sure my meal is well balanced.  I tend to impress them with my cooking, so I full on pressure myself to continue to do so.  SOMETHING pumpkin must occur.  Also, perhaps some lamb.  I don’t know if I can eat lamb (it has been a while and rich meat and I are no longer on speaking terms) but it is a meat that SCREAMS fall to me.

If anyone has any ideas on diabetics friendly meal sort of things, do share.

I feel happy again, dear readers (reader?).  And it is lovely to be happy and have plans.

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