Don't Panic


WHY does Verizon feel the need to screw with my data plan???  I wish to keep the grandfathered plan that I have had for years because I am a loyal customer.  They wish to charge me for my Amazon MP3/Netflixing ways in new and more expensive ways.

WHY do shoe companies on CERTAIN WEBSITES THAT MAY END IN “AZZLE” not feel the need to tell me how high a heel is on a pair of shoes?  I want comfortable, not slut stack and the ability to tell the difference.

WHY does my brain feel the need to not make a fucking paint decision.  I have furniture in front of every paint swath on my walls to hide them.  They will likely stay that way for years.

WHY did the dogs wait for hard wood floors to blow out their coats.  The nightly dog hair rodeo is getting old.

WHY is business such a bitch?

WHY is medicine withdrawal SO HARD to make others understand.  “What do you mean you feel like you have taken a bunch of speed and don’t have any of the positive feelings from it?  What does that mean?”  KILL.  YOU.  Stupid doctor saving me from side effects…  >.<

WHY does money make me twitchy?

WHY did I flip from extreme fixation on house doom and gloom to the fixation on the size of my ass?  To the point of needing to talk to my shrink about it, in deep detail?  Stupid OCD.

WHY do none of my friends play video games when I do, so we cannot play together?

In conclusion: whine, bitch, moan, etc.

Recipe from new kitchen shot with the Boy’s fancy camera to fill this space next.  Learn to make you some killer pork booty.  Several recipes stitched into one franken-recipe will be used.  Boy will be drooly.  Useful on buns, goes straight to YOUR buns, good inna taco, yummy just by itself.

Also, some lovely (and GRIPPING I AM SURE) yard posts to follow.  I have a GARDEN, ya’ll.  It is bringing out the DIY in me.

2 thoughts on “Rant

  1. I remember my Effexor withdrawal a year ago. Had to take almost a month off work. The “brain zaps” were the worst. It feels like you are having electric shocks all the time. Plus the ‘speed without the happiness’ effect.

    As for worrying about money… my mom would say that it’s better to worry about it, than not worry at all. Last year, my wages litteraly doubled overnight, and to this day I’m still frugal: no cable TV (we use oldschool rabbit ears), no car (who needs one in a big city?), most of my clothes thrifted for under $5. I do treat myself occasionally to things I couldn’t have dreamed of before, but these are frugal habits that I will probably never part with. There is a lawyer where I work, she is from Colombia, and still mends the holes in her socks and eats rice & beans. When you have been poor in the past, you never forget, and you always keep good money-saving habits. That makes us richer than people who were born rich.

  2. I am so happy I have an understanding boss, I can close myself up in my office and just log out of email so I don’t bite anyone. I had started to have twitches on the new drug, but then the doctor upped the dose (I hadn’t told him, figured I could deal), there went my productivity in all things. I couldn’t concentrate and I felt like I was crawling out of my own skin! Leave it to me to have the weird side effects of .00whatever of the population. No more abilify and thankfully, it appears to have left my brain if not my body completely by now.

    I like your momma!! I have been the girl working three jobs to support myself and I am TERRIFIED of going back to those days! I was so tired all of the time!!! I have to say that some of my best recipes came out of them though. When I got steady work and a boy (husband now) who was not a worthless pothead, I celebrated by blowing a ton of dough. Stupid, but it shocked me back into where I needed to be. Now it is just a lingering thing in the back of my head.

    A former coworker has been golden all her life. Adopted only child, adopted into rich, still does not pay her own car and phone. I just keep wondering what would happen if she got hit with something and had to find out what the rest of us find out when we grow up scratching, as it were.

    Also, rice and beans rocks socks. That is all there is to that. You make it right and you have a whole mess of left overs for the next day which is sort of like someone else made you lunch/dinner if you look at it right! LOL

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