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Bat Fit Challenge #I’m Not Terribly Sure Anymore!!!

New month, new challenge!!!  This challenge was brought to us by Marcy from the Bat Fit Face Book Group, and is actually quite difficult.  For me, anyway.  I didn’t know if I was going to be able to accomplish the full spirit of the challenge until the end of the post.

We are urged to buddy up and, as I have already gotten two doctors and three friends in three different states helping me out with various wellness issues (not to mention the much adored and exceedingly long suffering Sacco), I was unsure if I could buddy up in the spirit of the challenge.  Sure, there are people who text “I’m going to the gym!  You do a dvd, it will be like we are doing it together!!!!” and then I do and that is great; but the shine does wear from that sort of buddy.  You cannot chi-chat about your day, or your dogs, or their kids, or anything really…because you are 900 miles away and who knows for sure who is doing what?

At the bottom of the post, Marcy hit it though.  She hit the one thing that GOT me a gym membership in the first place.  Friends and neighbors, I have been doing this challenge unwittingly for a month now.  I have gotten into exercise classes.

Classes to me are a LOT of fun.  I started with a Groupon to a semi-local studio for Yoga, and loved it so much I ALMOST plunked down $70 a month to keep going.  Almost.  I am buying my hovel AND collecting a list of things I need to do to make it more me on the top floor and him on the bottom (full half finished basement for his construction pleasure!); so 70 bones is a ton of dough!  Hell, it is more than this frugal gal would spend generally anyway!  I have a hard time buying CLOTHES people.  We all know how much a good pair of suit pants runs a gal!

I shopped about and found a gym in the next town that is only $30 a month.  They offer 56 different classes a week; five of which are late enough I can attend after work.  That is three more classes offered after work than the studio.  Already a more useful weekly win if I go $/class wise.  AND, it is a full gym–I can go elliptical my way around AND fit in all the weight training I miss should I just want to GO SOMEWHERE!

Some people shudder at “next town”, but I will take a ten minute drive (15 from office) over the idea of paying $72 a month for the local, closer Yoga studio.  I know that petrol is expensive, but the idea of time away and an uninterrupted shower that I don’t have to shove fuzz-butts in crates wins over the convenience of the 3 minute drive and the two classes a week.

I don’t know what it is about classes, but they have gotten me more interested in the gym than I have been in a while.  It is NOT solitary.  I miss out on my audio books (my preferred work out listen), but I gain corrections, encouragement, people double checking to see if I am dying, and at least one other person who looks just like me in class.  I have yet to be alone when I want to hang in Child’s pose or just keep my heart rate moving while the rest of the class does weird things with their feet.  Hell, sometimes they look like the should not be huffing like a heifer on it’s way to slaughter (how I generally sound 30 minutes into an hour bodyvive, zumba, whatever the hell flavour of the cardio month class) and they still are.  Fitness level; it does not match the size of your arse anymore!

I have been averaging 5-7 (7!!!!!!) days a week doing SOMETHING at the gym.  I go for classes or to finish a book or to just MOVE.  I missed some days when I was babying an injury sustained by trying to push too far in a class to keep up, which taught me that your own pace really IS the only pace to go.  But, other than those days, I have actually been going more than I was working it at home.  Going longer.  There is so many shiny choices at the gym!  So many things to try!

Also, there is a shower uninterrupted by the surprise of a fuzzy face and cold nose which is HIGHLY startling if you are as blind as the bat you emulate without your glasses.  If you watch too many horror movies and you have a dog who delights in crawling IN the shower and gently licking your calf while you are blinded by shampoo; I recommend the gym shower.  There you can call the cops if someone does that.


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