Cool Shit You Need

My Favorite Accessory

I have one thing I swear by in my wardrobe.  One single, solitary, perfect thing that makes my life easier, simpler, and less hassle-licious.

My Preciousssss….

DOUBLE STICK tape made just for your boobs and your clothes.  Or your legs.  Or you shoulders, back, WHEREVER YOU NEED IT.  You stick it, smoosh your clothing to where it needs to cover and FORGET IT.  IT STAYS PUT.


As you can probably see, I have these twins.  And they are so afraid of the dark, it is not in the least bit funny.  They get walked a fair bit.  I just don’t want them walked TOO much.  Which is where the tape comes in.  And the bra with all the boning.

This tape holds fluttery tops over bra straps, tank tops up where you need them to stay, THIGH HI STOCKINGS where they should live if you have recently fucked up your suspenders, and many other things.  It withstands Midwest winds and has yet to fuck up any of my bits of clothing.

I do bring it with me when I use it, as I am a worried wart, but I have never actually HAD to break it out again.  I have adjusted things that hang differently at my desk than just standing in my room, but that is it.

Clothing pulls off rather simply and then you rub it gently to remove it from your skin, but not your skin from your body.

I forget where I found it, but I love it so very, very much.  You should get some.  It really is a must have.


Also, is that not a HORRIBLE office wall colour?  I moved into it, and have yet to paint it over.  I have this thing about spending my own money on a room in a building I don’t own.  8 hours a day I am there but, clearly, I have enough shit to cover up the awful colour.  Including my beloved NAILS cigarette advertisement.  Also, the thing with all the levels?  A guide to the different levels of hell.  It is like a pain calculator, but for accounting.


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