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Throw It Inna Bowl Dinner

I need a bloody camera. I made a lovely, simple, light salad that turned out looking GORGEOUS, and I have no proof.

I will continue to tell you how to make it anyway. Because I am a giver.

Fill a huge bowl with lettuce. As much as you think you need to feel full. I always use Romaine as it is my favorite, but your mileage can vary. At this point, nuke some frozen corn. Also, open a can of black beans, drain, and rinse HEAVILY. The saucy stuff on the beans is the culprit of the embarrassing bum. Rinse those suckers and, while I cannot guarantee no embarrassment, I can tell you the chances are way better.

Poke about your fridge. Broccoli steamed last night? In. Carrots? In. Peppers? In. Pickled veg? Not in…that is a little different with the flavour we are going for.

Fry up an egg with a bit of cooking spray. Make sure the yolk is still runny.

Pop everything in. Warm corn and warm egg will start to wilt the lettuce leaves, giving the salad a cross between a grilled feeling and a fresh crisp standard salad. I top with Bolthouse Farms Salsa Ranch yogurt dressing and then DEVOUR.

Low cal, quick, and high protein which makes this perfect for after a work out. Well, if you crave protein like I do anyway!!!!

It was delicious.

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