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It is WALKATHON SEASON!  Woo!  Except not.  Especially here in Kansas City.

I like doing walks, it gets me out of the house, jump starts the “get moving” area of my brain, sometimes I win a raffle, and I always get a new sleep shirt.  I walked a TON in Colorado.  The hotels I worked for always had teams, there were always football fields worth of people, and the locations were always very nice and outdoorsy and dog friendly.  The fuzz-bottomed girl and I dropped the final 20 of the 70 pounds I started losing in NY just because of the stimulation of these walks.  Start wandering around at 9 am on a Saturday and you just want to move for the rest of the day!!

I found the Preeclampsia walk through my yoga studio and signed right up.  I figured it would be a mad house, after all, sign ups had been offered since January!  I did it anyway because, as Bat Fit and my shrink say, face your fears.  Namely, the fear of other people over on THIS side of the mental fence.  The cause was good too; my mother was at extreme risk for it while preggers with me.  They could have my money!  Hell, no one knows what it is!  SPELL CHECK does not know it is a word!

I was a little concerned when I noted the walk was at a high school.  On their track.  No fuzz-bottomed security blanket for me then.  I sucked it up, stuffed my poppet (I will talk about her in a later post) in my bag for a bit of support, took my meds, and left the house like the big girl I am.

Kansas City is number 30 of the healthiest cities in America.  Our diet and activity scores are also 30…out of 100.  Let me just say it shows.  This walk had been as highly publicized as any are.  It is a national foundation.  It had big time sponsors that gifted many high priced sorts of items.  48 adults showed up.


I was thunderstruck.  It looked like I had accidentally wandered into someone’s family reunion.  There was a vendor there who I, wait for it, actually spoke to!  He was bored as hell.  No one even really stopped by.  When I signed up, they made a big deal of the silent auction table and said, “oh, and there is a vendor over there.”.  Not, “…and Tony from Club 7 is over there with some information and his own give away!”.  Hell, I just gave him more publicity than they did and NONE OF YOU LIVE HERE.

Tony was very nice and relieved to hear I actually lived near his gym and could possibly, oh I don’t know, PURCHASE HIS SERVICES.  Although, not the services I instantly thought of.  Sorry Sacco, but Meeeeee-ooowww!  I challenged myself to actually go see what he was selling and actually spoke to him.  It was so not me.  /Proud

I also learned that I was one of 7 people from the entire EAST SIDE of KC.  7.  Everyone else was from the Kansas Side.  Apparently those uppity OP people are the only ones who are keeping us from sliding lower on the healthy cities scale.  It made me a little sad.

Whatever.  *I* got out there this morning.  *I* did my little around and around and around and I hated these bloody rings in school walk.  I will also be checking out the gym.  I have a week free, since I won my challenge and said “hi” to the most bored looking muscle bound fuzz faced man I had ever freaking seen.  Hell, I may even win the drawing for three months free.  The little pile of paper entries was CERTAINLY small enough.

I’m off to further kick my own butt.  I think it is a Bob Harper DVD day.


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