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Gee we have been a bit heavy around here!  Let’s lighten the tone a wee bit!!!  I have to say, I have been reading a LOT of other blogs (and I will soon start a page JUST for the ones you all must visit!!), and have seen a lot of people musing about their “brand”.  I don’t have one of those.  I am not aiming for one of those.  I am just aiming to show you a bit of myself.  To chit chat into the dark and see what happens.  So far, I have found a few people I am proud to randomly speak too and have had my amazing writer brother refer to me as that witch in the woods who writes many words on this or that.

Maybe that is my brand.  That witch in the woods.  The one you visit because she is not a Hansel and Gretel monster, but an eccentric soon to be 30 year old with demons and dreams that she refuses to hide.  Hiding gives demons power, making them “get out of the goddamn house and play OUTSIDE!” as Mum used to say, makes them weaker.  You visit because it can be a good damn time some times.

With the impending nature of our house purchase, I have remembered the little things I did when I did not have the dough to shop, eat out, or do ANYTHING to get me out of piddly little apartments.  Free keeps your credit pretty, don’t you know?  Bat Fit has been an amazing discovery.  I count every single one of these girls as inspiration.  Their words and advice and support are not only given freely, but with a warmth that is bloody amazing from strangers.

One of the things I have taken too recently is painting my nails.  I used to do this ALL THE TIME as a child and adult.  I have furniture that is permanently spotted with colours and some that is spotted with the colour loss that comes from pure acetone.  I have hauled out my box of stuff, blew the dust off, invested in some new base/top coats and have gotten going.  Even with this not being free, it is pretty damn cheap when you do it yourself!

I cannot believe I used to PAY OTHER PEOPLE for this!!!  It is soo fucking relaxing to sit there and paint your toes or claws while watching a movie!  I find a movie is the PERFECT amount of drying time for a full manicure.  DO NOT DO ANYTHING BUT A MANICURE while watching the movie!  No matter how dry you THINK they are, you will fuck them up.  Just zen out.

So, last night I used two colours on my claws.  I used one of my favorite colours “Kyoto Pearl” and new colour “Getting Miss Piggy wit’ it” both by OPI.  I tend to favour OPI, but will also grab one as the colour grabs me (as it were).  One coat of strengthener, two of Kyoto (which is a GORGEOUS Opal-esque Pearl colour) and one of Miss Piggy.  Miss Piggy is a sparkle with both small little dots of glitter and big, flat, round spots of confetti like glitter.  I sealed it all with a slightly thicker than normal top coat and now I have party nails!

This is not the best photo, but i have high hopes for better ones and more fun posts once we get in the house and I have space.  I also have yet to figure out a good way to keep my cuticles clean and tidy, but they are so mangled now that it is an uphill battle just to make them pretty.  Any help with the cuticle worry would be amazing!!

I hope this was a fun little jaunt in your day!  We are not all loud and shouty around here, all the time.  >^-^<


2 thoughts on “Girly Fluff

  1. “Getting Miss Piggy wit’ it” Hehehe! Love it! What a great name!

    I just moved but in my old apartment, I too had spots of colour on the floor, wall…around the sink…due to manic panic hair dye though rather than nail polish 😉

    Thank you for this post…now that it’s getting warm again, time for the toenails to get in on the party!

    PS Thanks for the follow as well! 🙂

  2. Toenails, here I come!!! And soles. My poor feet. Too much use and not enough care make a girl calloused!

    My, too, have stained many an apartment with hair dye. Purple spots on the ceiling above the shower? Why landlord, I don’t know WHAT that may be!!!!

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