Bat Fit! / Don't Panic / Wellness

Just a Quick Hello!!

Goddamn, time moves like hell when your having fun!

House front: We found one! We offered! We got into a bidding war! We won! Inspection Monday!

Bat fit goes well! I have been hitting my exercise goals and been feeling amazing. It is wonderful what a bit of activity can do for you! I am not weighing myself, but I am noting all my internal changes.

I also watch Groupon for deals around KC and scored one for a Yoga studio near me. I am now IN LOVE with Bikram Yoga. You sweat buckets and feel absolutely wrung dry at the end.

On the bat shit crazy front: I have been doing very well with my counseling and my meds. The important thing is a schedule and accountability. I have both for my mental and physical health now. What a change from this time last year.

I have swarms of posts floating in my head. Big posts. Ones that I will be screaming into this tiny corner of the interwebs. I will be getting my feminist on shortly. People keep poking at me, and I am about to poke back. Loudly.

Also, another lovely bat gave me an award! More on that next time too!!!

Till then, chins up bitches. We can find our own daylight, and we know it.

You can so tell I was raised in Japan. Supa Kuwaii hand. Please ignore that pile of paper behind my right shoulder. It is smaller now. Swear.

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