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The Weather Gods are Capricious

The weather here in Kansas City is driving me bonkers.  We never had a winter, and now we have dived straight into 80* days!!  It bodes ill for the summer, but we will see what actually happens.  The a fore mentioned capriciousness may lead to a weird summer as well.

This morning with Sacco at work and with Bat Fit in mind, the fuzz-bottomed girl and I went for a hike on a nearby nature trail.  Now, I lived in the Adirondack park of New York state for years.  When I think nature trail, I think this:

Totally stolen from somewhere online.

What you get just outside of Kansas City is this:

So pretty.

Not that Specka minded.

On a mission to pee on every shrub.

Before we went, I was a good and responsible wanderer and packed everything needed.

Bug spray, water, dog treats, colourful bag to contain everything with comfy straps, poo bags, bag to put used poo bags in, tissues, and a telescoping baton. For the monsters. And badgers. Possibly cheeky deer.

Which leads me to a rant.  PEOPLE!  THE HELL!  How hard is it to bend over and pick up your dog’s poo?  How much time does it take to grab a handful of bags and be prepared?  My dog does not want your dog’s tummy ailment!  I also don’t want to trod in it!  Back to nature, my arse!  Did you see that trail?  It is a giant sidewalk with some grass near it!  Pick up!

Specka did 1.75 miles before she demanded a ride, which was given in the pirate parrot fashion.  I feel my remaining .25 mile counted more for the additional 7 pound weight on my right shoulder.

Here are some other pics from today:

If you look carefully, you can see two geese.

I am not sure why this is where it is. Never saw it before.

Rushing river.

Some rusted out detritus.

4 thoughts on “The Weather Gods are Capricious

  1. I, too, am often disappointed in nature trails that don’t look like lush green wonderlands. My solution was to learn about all the native plants (dry and brown though they may be in Southern California), which makes even the least interesting-looking walk a small study in natural history.

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