Pagan and Proud

A Day of Feasting

Lupa suckling Romulus and Remus

I have always loved mythology, be it Celtic, Norse, Roman, even Christian and Jewish mythology is interesting to me.  Why do we believe what we believe?  What made this faith correct above all others; other than the bloody subjugation that was brought to it’s non-believers?

My favorite thing is to trace the modern holidays.  This begat this begat this begat…  (Does ANYONE not want to kill themselves from boredom in Genesis 5?  Really?)

So, for today, rather than the usual schmoopy Valentine Day stuff and dropping a fuckload of money on some piece of crap no one REALLY needs or flowers with a life limit of about a week why not give Lupercalia a try?  Feast on charred flesh (my house is having spiced turkey burgers with sauteed spinach and shrooms)!  Cleanse your home/altar/soul for the coming of spring.  Think happy fertility thoughts.  Do other happy fertility things!  (Ahem)  Just don’t sacrifice the two goats and a dog.  That is sooooo 44 B.C.

Spring is coming.  Welcome her home.

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