Grace in Small Things

WTF is Wrong with Us?

What is up with out family values?   Probably nothing.  Most of us are probably all kinds of normal and shit.  We believe in love, caring for our off-spring (both the furry and the non-furry), some version of fidelity, helping each other, and defending the home from any invaders; be they virus, false faces, or simply an angry person with a weapon.

In some of our houses religion is a large portion of our values.  Most of us approach religion as the good idea that it can be.  We use the lessons from our varying books and those lessons that are taken from the mouths of mothers to their offspring, to their nieces and nephews, to their grandchildren.  We use them to reinforce our beliefs with reasons WHY those are important.

Some of us, approach it a little more vehemently.  I live near a rather excellent example of that vehemence.  About an hour away from me, are the homes of Fred Phelps and his brood.  No link this time friends and neighbors; they do not deserve more recognition than they already have.  Sadly, they are not the only ones to get carried away.

One Million Moms, no link here either, is a group of people who also seem to be a bit more vehement than recommended.  I have been rather down on them since my thinking days began.  It was inevitable really; how can a Pagan woman raised in the loose religious atmosphere of Japan be down with ANYTHING a conservative Christian group says.  For some who quote Jesus so often (you know, the kiddo who calmed down his thunder and lighting father?  The one who was all “pillar of salt for first offense Dad?  Really?”) they sure seem hateful.

They are against everything I love, in fact.  Porn is incredibly awesome.  I dearly love my queer relatives, and have enjoyed my own sexuality with many different people (try before you buy, and why the hell rule out half the human race?).  I have paid for a friends abortion when she was too frightened to think of anyone else to tell.  When I had access to my first boy friend, my mother took me to get birth control because she, like me, believes in health and planning your family.

Planned Parenthood has been my go to gyno until just this past year.  And I don’t know why I switched; I think I was confused by my insurance company.  But, they are my charity the years I have extra dollars for charity.

Back to One Million Moms; for a group so against those hideous homosexuals, they spend a lot of time reading their literature, sticking their noses in their business dealings, and then drawing MORE ATTENTION to the things they boycott than any mere add could.  Do they realize they are just turning into a marketing dynamo in these days of social media?

JCPenny took Ellen on as a spokesperson.  Good idea right?  She is funny, she is pretty damn faithful it seems, she seems goofy and kind and like the kind of girl I would go out of my way to buy a drink and chat with.  One Million Moms thinks this was the WORST IDEA EVER.  Some Online Moms think they are kind of crazy.  I think they are too.

The Shop-In seems a little silly, but I am down with silly.  My niece and nephew are little kids, they always need something.  I got them some shirts, my husband got some boxers, and I got some pantyhose.  I had not planned on spending the dough, but if someone is so ridiculous as to shout out their private hate into the world; I can be ridiculous enough to spend some money on things I had not planned on buying quite yet.

Let your haters, be your motivators.

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