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Monsters and Bat Fit! A recipe and some wellness musings.

So, what does one do when one has not been sleeping and is starting to feel a little patient zero in the AM?  Devise a fucking power breakfast, that’s what!!!

Green Monster (not to be confused with the energy drink, the tea and lemonade flavour of which tastes of liquid WIN by the way!)

  • 1 Cup your favorite milk type item (I use almond milk)
  • 1 generous handful of your favorite green (spinach in my case)
  • 1.5 TBSP of your choice of nut butter (why do I feel a “dese nut’s?” joke brewing?)
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1/4 cup oats
  • 1 TBSP dark baking cocoa powder
  • 1 or 2 bananas, depending on size and how creamy you want your Monster
  • 1 handful of ice

Waz it together in your blender, until it comes together.  Drink and enjoy fullness and energy from about 8 am to 1.30 pm (your mileage may vary).

If you have the brain power to plan ahead, soaking the oats in some of your milk item of choice makes it more creamy.  I don’t plan ahead.

508 vitamin, protein, fiber, and good carbohydrate full calories.  That your coworkers will make fun of you for drinking if you put it in a clear cup.  It is green after all.

This is also a lovely item to slip into:

Why yes!  Not only are Goths still about (you thought we all grew up or went emo, didn’t you?), but we are getting older!  And plumper than desired!  And more crazy than desired!  And, there are more of us than I thought possible. We have an entire page on the Book of Face!  It was started by Le Professuer Gothique, and I believe is a bloody fine idea.

As I joined a tad late, mid January, I am going to do all the challenges so far and updates right here!

The first challenge was to set up a journal and write out goals, what health is to us, progress, AND five things you are grateful for that happened that day.  I have failed about half of this one.  Goals and that are great, I got those down in my head and on a million individual lists, but what I’m grateful for?  I will give you a taste of what every weekday entry will say “I am grateful I did not claw X’s face of at work LITERALLY, only orally.”  Issues, I haz them.  They are less than adorable.  I am grateful for five continuing things every day: my husband, my fuzz-bottomed girl, my family in NY, my great (yet far away) girlfriends, and my job.  Something new and different and specific to the day?  I don’t know about that.

Challenge the second, was to dance our arses off!  20 minutes for the next two weeks or more, every day.  I semi fail this, but only because dancing at work is frowned upon; and I live at work.  However, on my days off, I start my day with some sort of dance thing prior to gyming it up.  This is why I am still counting this mostly a win.  I dance a lot on my days off.

Challenge three was to replace a bad habit with a good habit.  I love me some cigarettes.  Cloves and menthol are my chosen poisons, and while I am not a pack a day girl by any means, I am a smoke at work to get away from the desk or while drinking girl.  I have given this up for this challenge and hopefully for a long time to come.  My good habit is making breakfast every day.  I generally hit a drive through or grab something nukeable, but now I am devoting time to actually THINKING about my morning fuel rather than the blind mad dash to the office.

The current challenge is to be good to ourselves. To me, this means to not beat myself up when I fail.  I am my own jeering section.  Anything nasty you have to say about me?  Oh, honey!  I have said it AND worse to myself.  I got you beat on being mean to me.  Anything horrible you threaten me with?  I have imagined it and worse and put myself through the mental role play.  So, I guess, I have to stop doing that.

It is a little difficult to do this last challenge.  Things that are physical and outside myself are easy to fix.  This thing is dirty?  I clean it.  This thing is weak?  I strengthen it.  This food was too fatty?  I don’t eat it or cook it.  But, this thing in my head, how am I supposed to beat this?  This extra person I carry with me?  The one who will tell me I fail before any one of my enemies would think to open their mouth?  This challenge will be a battle; a battle that it screams I will never win.

I do love a challenge.

2 thoughts on “Monsters and Bat Fit! A recipe and some wellness musings.

  1. The smoothie sounds fantastic. I’m more of a “Grab a coffee and emergency donut before my first class” sort of college student, but I joined the BatFit facebook page and I’m inspired to do better. Thanks for gathering all the challenges together! A food journal sounds like a good idea . . . but maybe I’ll just cut out the morning donut to start. Thanks for the post and good luck with the challenges!

    • Thank you for the well wishes! I have never been a doughnut girl, but a Panera Bread sandwich (with probably too much cheese and butter) was my morning go-to.

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