Every Nights a Carnival

Crowd sourcing please, my dears!!

Feel free to comment here, drop a line, or tweet @purji with any ideas, please!

Full disclosure:  This is a dream post.  As I love you ALL, I am not describing the dreams because everyone sighs and dies a little inside when that occurs.  I am sparing you that.

So for the past two weeks, it has been a complete carnival of horror in my brain, to the point where restful sleep is but a distant memory.  I have doubled my nightly meds (under doc supervision, don’t flip out), I have done the bed time tea, the reading of a “light” book prior to sleep (no Koji Suzuki, no Chuck Wendig) and yet every night something new shows up.

Something new and mocking and horrible.  You would have thought I’d run out of material by now, quite frankly.

So any new ideas on calming the maddening circuits of my mind are MOST welcome.  Seriously.  Anything.  Except illegal drugs.  Those tend to react poorly with me.  And are, you know, illegal and stuff.


2 thoughts on “Every Nights a Carnival

  1. Hiya! I take Cymbalta for neuropathy, and girl, I have TOTALLY been where you are. When I first began taking it, I used to have such horrific dreams that I was actually afraid to fall asleep! But eventually, it did even itself out. Sometimes, the best way to handle a mood-altering medication is just to give your body time to even things out. As you’ve already discovered, nightly tea and the avoidance of nightmare-inducing literature can work wonders. Meditation also helps me, as does creating an “REM Script” to sort of plot out a good dream that I want to have just before those moments when I fall asleep. Talking/journaling the dreams can also help you too; if there’s a recurring theme in there somewhere, it may have significance to you even if the dreams are being created by wonky chemistry.

    • I am so glad someone else knows what I’m talking about! I have never thought of trying a dream script; I will certainly try it out! Thank you so much for the thought!

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